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Bustin Boards: Pushing towards Progression

written by Josh Dunn October 31, 2016




Photos: Khaleeq Alfred

The word “Skateboarding” means many different things to many different individuals, all of who claim it as the sub-culture that they most relate to and emotionally align with. The skateboarding community was meant to be an all inclusive celebration of individuality since its organic conception back in the early seventies. We here at Bustin Boards are honored to be able to pay homage to our roots by continuing to uphold and foster this type of freely expressive environment by building skateboards for any type of skateboarder.




Since we began shaping and designing boards in 2001 a lot has changed within the skate world but our desire to provide top quality equipment to skaters has remained the exact same. We have never been satisfied with the status quo within skateboarding which lead us to developing boards designed for the specific type of riding we were doing in New York City and beyond. New conceptual designs of what a “skateboard” should be began to spring out of molds with names like Maestro and Spliff, both of which have stood the test of time and still hold a prominent place in our line up today. As we grew as a board manufacturer within our surrounding community, we began adding new models to meet the ever changing appetite of the day to day skater which is still the ethos that fuels our crew today.


With nearly 15 years of commitment to crafting innovative skateboards that stand up to the brutal demands placed upon them, we are more stoked than ever to keep pushing the boundaries of what a skateboard is. We have no bias based upon length, shape, or style of board which promotes pure expressive freedom for all who choose to roll with us. Expanding our lineup to include boards that span the entire spectrum of skating today allows us to support any scene no matter how they get down. This is a movement manifested by real skateboarders looking to encourage creativity and a true Skate Everything mentality.  The stoke is real within the entire #BustinFam and we are incredibly excited to keep growing with the skateboarding community that we are so lucky to call our home.



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