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Bustin Boards Welcomes Marcus Bandy as Marketing Director

written by Ryan March 18, 2016

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Baltimore, Maryland – Bustin Boards is extremely excited to announce the recent addition of legendary skateboarder and community leader Marcus Bandy as our Global Marketing Director. Marcus has a lifetime of experience in the skateboarding industry and he will now be responsible for curating and distributing all of Bustin’s media as well as working hand-in-hand with our expanding team in building the world’s most innovative, diverse, and inspiring skateboard brand.

“I am amped for this opportunity to work with Bustin Boards as their new Marketing Director.  Alongside their growing team of skaters, creators, and other innovators; I am looking forward to furthering Bustin’s efforts of raising awareness, building participation, and growing innovation in all facets of skateboarding.” – Marcus Bandy

As many are aware, Marcus is the founder of the global skateboard magazine Wheelbase Magazine and also it’s current Editor In Chief.  Following his transition into a new role at Bustin Boards, Wheelbase Magazine will soon enter a new phase with new management and contributors, but it will MOST DEFINITELY LIVE ON—more details to come.

Again, the company is happy to announce Marcus as the newest member of our growing Bustin Boards team and looks forward to building the Bustin brand as one of the most innovative and valued skate brands in the industry.

About Bustin Boards:

Bustin Boards is skateboard company with retail and office locations in Brooklyn, NY and Baltimore, MD.  Since 2001, the company has been focused on crafting a diverse lineup of boards and components designed for every type of skateboarding.  To learn more about the company and their products, visit www.bustinboards.com.


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