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Bustin Boards/Surf-Rodz Collaboration 177mm Fixed Axle INDeeSZ Have Arrived!

written by TeamBustin October 19, 2011

The INDeeSZ are here! Check out the link for more information!

What are you getting with the INDeeSZ over other trucks? First and foremost, you get a 100% accurate, precision-smooth pivot with NO SLOP. That means no unintended wiggle. Every move you make is intended–the way it’s supposed to be. Secondly, you get the strength of solid aircraft aluminum! And each truck comes in 3 pieces, including the base, bushing support, and hanger. This means that:

A. You can switch up the hanger to different lengths without buying a new truck
B. You can get your truck ran over and will only have to replace the bent axle. This costs WAY less than buying new trucks and even less than buying new cast trucks.
C. You can break your trucks down and put them back together like you’re in the military. Bonus for doing it blindfolded.

Clearly, these things rock. Let’s keep it going with what makes these things awesome. Moving on, these trucks turn deeper than almost any other truck on the market. Where you might normally stop turning on another truck, you have considerably farther you can go (if so desired) with these. This makes learning slides much easier and also makes these things an excellent PUMPING TRUCK! Because the kingpin is much closer to vertical on these trucks, they respond much better to wedging than your average reverse-kingpin truck like Randal, Bear, and Paris. Where, when you wedge a 50 degree truck 20 degrees and you end up with a kingpin that’s shooting out 70 degrees (20 degrees off of parallel with the board!) and lose a TON of leverage off the turn, this is not the case at all with the INDeeSZ. The kingpin is only maybe 45 degrees slanted here and you still have plenty of leverage. For this reason, I use INDeeSZ on a couple of my pumping setups, and they ROCK!

We’ve chosen to equip these trucks with the Surf-Rodz Solidz 90a medium blue bushings in barrel/cone. These are the same durometer as a standard Paris bushing but will feel significantly softer because of the added leverage you get over the turn from the smoother pivot point and the more vertical kingpin. The barrel gives you stability at speed, while the cone bushing allows you to turn easily on one foot and gives the board a little more flop once the turn is engaged.

These trucks are coming to you ready to go out of the box for $119. That’s $10 off of the full retail price for the colored trucks WITHOUT bushings, and we are including the SolidZ bushings in this setup.

Let’s see, am I missing anything else? These have an 8mm axle, so they will fit all of your standard skateboard bearings. Oh, and you don’t have to use SPEED RINGS! What do you mean you don’t have to use speed rings, Jeff? Well, perfect trucks don’t need them! Your bearings will work flawlessly when pushed up against a perfectly perpendicular wall. Cast trucks are never perfect (unless they have been faced perfectly) so you always need speed rings with them (unless your bearings have them built in). With precision, CNC’d trucks, you can throw your speed rings away! Or, better yet, save them for when you lose them on another setup. Or better yet, put INDeeSZ or other Surf-Rodz on all your boards. Then you can say goodbye to them altogether.

Finally, one more tasty treat on these puppies. The pivots come pre-greased. Anybody who’s been through our shop and had me put bushings on their boards knows about white lithium grease. It gets rid of the squeak and causes much less friction at the pivot/pivot cup junction, allowing your board to turn freely and letting your bushings do what they were designed to do. The Bustin/Surf-Rodz INDeeSZ are pre-lubed so they’re squeak-free out of the box and will last you for months before they need maintenance.

That’s it. That’s all I got. Except for these sexy pics, of course. And this link. Set up your Bustin Boards Complete with Bustin/Surf-Rodz INDeeSZ today!


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Stephen Slaby October 19, 2011 at 6:10 pm

You forgot one other thing that make these trucks awesome, Jeff. These can allow you to rock 90mm flywheels on a Maestro. (As you should know from my somewhat infamous set up.)

Claude October 9, 2015 at 10:56 am

Okay so i plan on buying a used car and modiyfing it (adding a turbo or two, an AEM, change the brake disks, brake pads, brake calipers, and suspension). But with it being a used car, what can i do to refurbish the engine on a mid to high mileage manual transmission car? Thank you!For those who do know about modifications on a car engine, what else can i do to an engine to squeeze more power out of it and increase horsepower?

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