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Bustin Boombox and EQ Hit the Streets March 26th!

written by TeamBustin March 7, 2012

Pre-orders start today at bustinboards.com on the new Bustin Boombox 42 and EQ 36. These are two of Bustin’s newest downhill/freeride/freestyle specific boards designed to lock your feet in hard with half-inch radial drops, rocker, and some wicked aggressive yet comfortable concave. Every curve has been put under the microscope on this board, and the curves never end, which is part of what makes these boards so strong.

The Boombox is equipped with 4-inch kicktails on either end and is built with 8-ply Canadian maple, giving it just a touch of flex for shock absorption when tricking, though flex will hardly be noticeable when feet are planted in “battle stance.” The 9-ply EQ is a bit stiffer and slightly more agile due to the lack of kicktails. This makes it more ideal for downhill and freeride. Both boards maximize footspace over the 29.5-inch wheelbase, putting your feet right next to the trucks for maximum agility and control. The Boombox and EQ will be available in select retailers on the 26th of March. Custom pre-ordering starts today and will ship the 26th! Get it in!


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daniel Ilg March 7, 2012 at 5:23 pm

Hello Bustin!
I was trying to send a new EQ and a helmet to Brazil…
Is it normal that we pay 140 dollars for shipping??

Thanks guys!

Tiani June 1, 2012 at 5:23 pm

hey bustin,
i was wondering how i could get a sponsored?
im 12 years old also i am a girl longboarder and i skateboard to and i have been trying to find longboarding groups to join but all of them don’t want girl longboarders if you have any idea a crew i could get involved in that would be great!

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