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Bustin Broadway Bomb Party – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles September 13, 2013


October 12th.  The Broadway Bomb.  Longboarding’s Biggest Weekend.  The Longboard Pride Parade.  Whatever you want to call it, the second weekend in October is a pretty important 2 days to anyone who has ever been on a longboard, and to anyone who is interested in being on a longboard, (and as of last year, the NYPD as well!).  This year, just like the past 10 years, SOMEone has taken it upon themselves to get the ball rolling on this monumental event yet again!

So!  To help welcome the hundreds, maybe THOUSANDS of you coming fresh off the boat (or plane, or train, or car, or skateboard) we’re throwing down the day before, all day long.  Join us at 132 Allen Street (home of the Longboard Loft DOT com) with Wheelbase and Push Culture for food, skate, beers for those of you who can get into Lucky Jack’s bar, and an all in all fun time.

Then, once y’all are good and sauced, we’ve got some new footage to show off, and boy is it cool footage.  We sent Bruno and Toti over to China for a few months with renown skate cinematographer; Perropro, to capture footage that the western hemisphere just can’t provide.  So at 8 pm on Friday night, on a giant screen in the middle of Allen St, we’re going to show you what they came up with!

See you there fools!


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