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Bustin Brooklyn – Grand Street, Williamsburg

written by Mike September 22, 2009

I remember thinking years back how cool it would be to start a longboard store.  Friends and I shared hundreds of conversations about the potential of longskating and whether or not a niche exists to support a storefront. I stopped into Wind Waves and Wheels in Grand Rapids, Michigan multiple times a week to look at the shiny new Scetor Nines that would grace the floor.  I remember the feeling I would have the moment I stepped into the car to drive to the longboard store.  Back then it wasn’t a longboard store so much as a home for progressive sports.  Longboarding fit in at the time as most young sports do.  Stock was not healthy because not very many people were buying longboards.  I remember going into Waves and Modern Skate and Surf asking all kinds of questions like,

“which bearings are the fastest? what is durometer?  why are these wheels so much harder?  why is this wheel so wide?  what is that board in the back that is different from the pin’s? what is with the clear grip? how do i clean my bearings? do you carry 150’s? will you custom order these wheels? when should i come back? how long does shipping take?  is this a different company than Sector Nine?  what is better?  Why? how? when? where? how far? how long?”

I still think of every question I ever had when I walk in a store.  I still get that funny, smiley feeling when I walk up to the skate store.  I still smell the new gear fresh out of the box.  I remember talking to all of the shop guys wishing i had their job. i get the same feeling when i see a new longboard.  I smile just as big when i walk out the door with a new fun shape to learn and enjoy.  I love longboarding, the lifestyle behind the sport and the diversity of board shapes and riders.  We speak a language through nonverbals because we understand.  We learn from each other and the sport continues to grow because people embrace it.

Bustin Boards is opening a custom longboard store on Grand Street in Brooklyn, NY.  The idea of longboarding shared by the minds behind the scenes at Bustin is very symmetrical and consistent with growth of skateboarding.  The shop is going to be a one of a kind type of experience and will offer the best components in the industry at a competitive price.  Bustin is growing up with respectable brothers and sisters in the industry who will work together to make sure NEW YORK CITY is stocked with the best gear available.

BustinBoards.com is still the primary store for all of your longboarding needs but now the company shares a face with the name.  BUSTIN BROOKLYN aims to trend more stores in more communities by partnering with like minds who believe in our dream of longboarding.

Share the stoke.  Bustin.


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Santiago September 23, 2009 at 1:11 pm

When is this going to happen? it looks like a great idea! Actually you could go in a pretty interesting venture with other equipment providers!

Michael September 30, 2009 at 1:28 pm

Awsome; now let me know when you get one in Protland, OR… or at least a distributor?

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