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Bustin Custom Longboards NYC: Spotlight Go Green Longboarding – Michigan Longboard Club

written by Mike December 5, 2010

Mid West Steez from Custom PROductions on Vimeo.

Go Green Longboarding – Michigan Longboard Club

This 2010 holiday season BustinBoards was blessed with thousands of copies of Concrete Wave Magazine to fill all of our holiday orders.  That means thousands of holiday parties with CONCRETE WAVE mag being passed around. THE GIFT OF LONGBOARD STOKE!

Think about the grandmas and grandpas that will say, “eh, whats this magazine? HOLY MOSES, WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING?  SLIDING?  IT LOOKS LIKE THEY’RE KILLING THEMSELVES!”

Ha, holidays are the greatest. Concrete Wave Mag is my favorite magazine because every issue inspires a new way of thinking about my favorite sport, LONGBOARDING.

I read my first Concrete Wave magazine in Grand Rapids, Michigan sometime 2005.  I was stoked that riders wiere living out my dreams.  I was stoked that someone had put together a publishing team to write about it.  I didn’t know that many people were stoked on longboarding.

Since then, Michigan longboarding has blossomed into hardcore gnarly sessions with increasing numbers.  Above is a video of Go Green Longboarding team riders in their daily routine.  Enjoy!


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Alex December 7, 2010 at 9:04 pm

We miss you in MI, Mr. Dallas. Thanks for all that you [continue to] do to spread the stoke. I remember years back when there were half a dozen kids to ride with at best, and slide gloves were unheard of around here. Now we got kids rollin 15 deep in garages all geared up, and it’s just beginning! Mike, you should be so proud of what you’ve helped to create in Michigan with your Go Green brethren.

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