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Bustin Custom Longboards: Rat Rod SPRINT RACES

written by Mike December 23, 2010

Drag Race Longboarding goes down in NYC, inspired by Rat Rod NYC street racing. The longboard scene in New York has been focused on street racing since the first Broadway Bomb race in 2000 and the global street race scene is growing fast.

There is a lot of shit talk around New York City. Why? This place is saturated with type A personalities. The only way to settle the score is an old fashioned dual. A one on one race between two competitors to decide who is faster.

The Rat Rod NYC skate club has marked the 444yard sprint course, who will you challenge? The latest course was measured and marked by Rat Rod NYC Founder Theseus XW and longboard marthon distance record holder Jeff Vyain.

Today was the 1st race in 2010 street race longboarding history. Don’t miss the action. Talk some shit and back it up. We are waiting to know what happens. Good luck. Skate or die.


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