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Bustin David Driscoll on the Podium, Rage at the Ridge Downhill Longboard Event in Onekama, Michigan

written by Mike May 20, 2015

grom podium

Bustin sends a fat shout-out to our West Michigan’s Flow Skater, David Driscoll of West Michigan for his podium finish on the Junior Final of Rage at the Ridge in Onekama, Michigan.  Daivd (skating Bustin Hollow-Core EQ) was one of nearly 70 skaters who competed in the Downhill event in Northern Michigan this weekend and we expect David to continue his journey to the top of the podium in the near future  – practice makes perfect, and Young Gunz puts in the hours. #Respect. Major respect to West Michigan’s Jay Holst in 2nd and Ed Keifer in 1st.  You guys skated a crowd-pleaser run and had a kick ass time doing it.  That’s what its all about!

grom final

The wind was alternating, causing all sorts of tricky draft spots during race heats.  Most heats were close and tight in the corners – like this shot of Kiefer & Holst in the final corner, 50 yards from the finish line.  Jay finished 2nd by less than a board length, great finish.  You can see Young Gunz sprinting down the course after his board after being hucked into the hay in crash corner.  Rubbing is racing!

tight heats

Tight heats get the crowd pumped up!  Check out Yung Drizzle leading a different heat, from a new Mike D perspective.  I love lurking, especially at skate events.  I’m not much into the DH adrenaline rush, so I dodge around the course, enjoy a few beers and snap a few clicks of the homies.  Pretty rough job, eh!?  All due respect to the homies putting their neck on the line…

cam is better

…….like the homie Cam, who took a HUUUUUUGE digger exiting crash corner.  I wasnt there to see it, mostly because I regularly visit the restroom during first heats, or organize some shit in my car – or get safe, you know.  Well, I’m sort of glad I followed procedure this time because when i saw Cam coming through the straightaway trailing Max Capps, I was like “HOLY SHIT, CAM’S MOVIN!”.  Not sure who Cam was drafting, but they were cookin’ in Capps draft approaching crash corner – so I listened…  ……and what I could hear didn’t sound good.  Cam took a fancy ride in the meat wagon on Sunday and everyone at the event sent out positive vibes.  Couple days later, cam’s all good!  #respect

tight racing

Cam’s crash was a bit scary, but there’s nothing like some good old fashioned wheel rubs in crash corner to get the crowd back on their feet.  The skaters eased back into it then went HAM.  Solid heats all around!  DH skateboarding is a roller coaster of emotion in general, and we learned this weekend what adrenaline feels like – especially the crowd!

multi modal transport

I learned a bit this weekend about the power of humor in stressful situations so i will leave you with this photo I took of the lawnmower parked next to me at the liquor store.  Never allow life’s woes blurry your vision.  GET SOME!


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