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Bustin Donates Decks for Philadelphia Art Class – Show December 12th, Philadelphia, PA

written by Ryan December 2, 2010

A few months we were approached by a very passionate and determined art teacher from Philadelphia. Her name was Deva and she was trying to inspire her students by doing a section of Urban Art and Skateboarding design. She explained that they had been studying well known graffiti artists and had even taken a class field trip to see a Shepard Fairey piece. She explained that she had diligently been seeking a company to donate boards and had found one (one of the major shortboard brands), but that they backed out just before her section was set to start the section. Long story short, she really had a passion for these kids and I felt like if any company should contributing to teaching kids about urban art and skateboard design it should be ours. We were able to donate about 60 boards which allowed for each student in the program to get half of a board (can you imagine the size of this project for Deva?).

As the project progressed Deva would send me updates almost weekly with pictures and she would beg us to come down and hang with the kids. Unfortunately we never made it because all of us at Bustin are damn-near workoholics lately with so many boards flying out the door, but I really really wish we could have. Anyway, this week she sent me an update telling me that the show is going to be next week and I wanted to share it with everyone. If your in Philly and want to support an awesome program and an awesome person, go visit Deva’s art show at the Philadelphia University of the Arts Teacher Art Show, Sunday, December 12th from 1-4PM in the Terra Building, 10th floor.

UPDATE:  Apparently they didnt have cut them all up!  I posted more pictures below.


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