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Bustin + Earthwing = Cooperation

written by Ryan November 18, 2009

The New Bustin Boards Longboard Store in New York City

As some of you who were here over the weekend know, we are going to be carrying Earthwing Skateboards at the Bustin Longboard Store in Brooklyn. Why, you ask, would we push one of our most formidable competitors in our flagship store? Maybe because we’re stupid, but definitely because were peaceful. We figured that if we were going to create a place to unite and service NYC longboarders it should include products from one of New York’s greatest companies.

Earthwing rider and Broadway Bomb/Central Park Race legend Kasper Heinrici stopped by the shop tonight to pick up some new Bones Swiss bearings and got to spend a little quality time with Solomon and the Bustin Crew.

One Love (For Real)


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