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Bustin Fam Week in Review: Feb. 4th – Feb 10th

written by Josh Dunn February 10, 2017

It is the skateboarding community that we service whose energy keeps us going day in and day out. This greater purpose allows every one of us here at Bustin HQ to comprehend that every order is not going to a stranger but rather a homie who we may just not have met face to face yet. Ideally, we would love to get out and session with every single one of you who snag one of our sleds and as we continue crafting plans to get back out on the road, this dream becomes more and more of a possibility.  Until those plans begin to come to fruition, the #BustinFam will be here at HQ pushing toward progression on creations of all shapes and sizes that we have decided to simply call skateboards.

Layne leaving his heart in the harbor during a mid-week lunch session.

What’s Up in the Warehouse:

Besides shipping the limited batch of Matt K. YoFace39 boards as well as building boards with local high school students, Layne has been keeping him self busy by adding extra mystery to any Mystery Box orders that come through in between dialing in his frontal nose bluntal.

The R&D department has been up to their neck in glue as cartridges continue to pop out of Max B. molds left and right. In between combining veneers via compression, Bubbles has been doing his best Master Yoda imitation as he has been playing with the laser etching machine while individually embossing  each of the YoFace 39 graphics before they went out the door.

Skateboarding is an athletic artistic expression that allows individual creativity to ooze all over the concrete canvas we push through daily. Our artists Jay and Max allow you to control this “creative ooze” and shape it into a one of a kind skateboard through our hand painted Customization Program.  This program allows you to personalize your paint brush toward the exact art you are seeking to create through a one of a kind skateboard tailored directly toward your visual and skating needs.

Board of the Week:

Bustin Street Cassette Deck Limited Edition Run

Limited Edition Cassette Tape Street Deck

Media Releases:

The second concluding part of the Bustin YoStates Tour is now live highlighting the groups time traveling through the southwest and beyond!

We were blessed this week with a radical review of our Daenseu Thermoglass skateboard by our favorite cross stepper Carla Javier!



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