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Bustin Fam Week in Review: Jan. 30th – Feb 3rd

written by Josh Dunn February 3, 2017

While some choose to hibernate in anticipation of the warmer weather around the corner, we here at Bustin HQ have been charging full steam ahead working on some exciting new projects revolving around our Skate Everything belief system. To us its 100% skateboarding 100% of the time and our goal has never wavered or faltered as we have continuously been driven to make skateboards for the skateboarders out there pushing the boundaries and blurring the lines. Welcome to a review of the various happenings that have been going on with us this past week that we hope stoke you out to get out and push around for your self.

Born in a barn, raised on the streets

What’s up in the Warehouse:

Our warehouse wizard “Bruce Layne” has been busy getting after spring cleaning duties early making sure everything is in tip top shape heading into the new year. This attention to detail hasn’t just pertained to product placement but has also seeped out into the over all skate-ability of our warehouse space. New features have began to pop up allowing us to connect lines through the aisles as we rage around HQ picking and pulling product to get your orders ready each and every day.

Master Layne preparing to build everything but not before he skates everything first.

Complacency  is a killer which is why we are always striving to keep all things new and fresh around here which goes ten fold for our art department in the print shop. Being able to offer any individual the ability to create a board uniquely their own is something we take great pride in which is why our dudes Max and Jay are deep in the rabbit hole of burning screens featuring new designs that will be offered on our customization program soon! Be on the lookout for these new graphics to begin dropping on the site a little later this year as the final line up continues to be dialed in.

Max mastering the craft of creating tools for his trade.

Since day one we have operated an extensive R&D department that has completely developed all the molds and shapes along our journey, some of which have stood the test of time and have evolved into the current set of sleds we offer today.  The mad scientist behind our latest creations Jonathan, “Bubbles” Nueman has been hard at work preparing the next chapter in the Bustin Boards building story as he has began the initial test runs on the newly operational industrial presses. Production runs of some of our top end models will begin soon as well as one off batches of uniquely crafted shapes that will be brought to market for the great pleasure of the general public.

Our skateboards are made differently for a reason

After reading all of your comments on every photo posted of Matt K. asking about his shred sled choice we have decided to make it possible for you to skate like Matt by  grabbing a YoFace39 from a limited release small batch that we whipped up. Don’t sleep on your chance to rep one of these boards because when they are gone, they are gone for good… or at least until we press more.

Big news about an equally big skatebaord

Media Releases:

A new edit featuring our dude Toti getting all jazzed up on his Max B. pro model just dropped earlier this week.

Many of the members of #TeamBustin have been on the road touring across the country hitting shops and sessions along the way. Check out Part I of the #BustinYoStates Tour highlighting the groups time in California.

Bill getting blunted in the ‘Bu during the #BustinYoStates Tour


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