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Bustin Fam Week in Review: March 3rd – March 10th

written by Josh Dunn March 10, 2017

Aloha and Shalom! Welcome to a long over due addition of the Bustin Fam Week in Review in which all the comings and goings of the Bustin Crew throughout the past week are announced and analyzed. Things have been going full swing around here with parts of our team striking out on skate missions that have them crossing international borders while others have been hard at work making things happen back at HQ. From Baltimore to Spain, the Bustin Fam has been busy working to keep the stoke level surging in communities around the world, hoping that they continue to keep pushing them selves no matter what they are riding.

Prince always chooses to let his light shine before men, which almost as often as not occurs aboard his shred sled.

What’s Up in the Warehouse:

We’re incredibly stoked to announce the arrival of the newest member to the join the ranks of the #BustinFam. On March 8th we were amped to hear word of the safe arrival of Ryland Nueman, son of Jonathan “Bubbles” Nueman and Alyssa Nueman.  If he is anything like his father, we expect him to be dialing in downhill setups and board layups just in time for the 2025 Bustin lineup! Congratulations y’all!

Congratulations Bubs!!

Its been a very special week here at Bustin because not only did we get to welcome Ryland to the crew but also our homie Will Morales as the newest member of the legendary warehouse crew. Will is all good vibes and good times on and off the board which is why we could not be more hyped to have him slinging boards with us! We used this new arrival as an excuse to finish up work early one afternoon and get some skating in for the latest Layne’s Lunch Line which this week welcomed our new dude Will to the squad.

Team Bustin’s Travels:

Matt K. has packed his bags and headed across the pond to attend an event on Tenerife Island off the coast of Spain but before he does that, he has linked up with our man Toti to do some wiggleboardin’. Stay tuned for the stacks of media that are sure to follow…

Toti knows how to slither his way around his home turf

Service Manager and Community Builder, Josh Dunn has been a solid subscriber to the Van Life for the past 3 weeks as he has been charging down the Eastern Seaboard spreading the joy of skateboarding at every stop along the way. His mission is simple: to encourage the support of local  skate and surf shops as the epicenters of skate culture for the community that they service. Be on the look out for the Bustin Van because it could very well be pulling up at your local shop here in the next few weeks!

Killing the tourist game one selfie at a time

Our wizard behind the lens Khaleeq Alfred has been putting in work back home deep in The City where he has been lurking with the Street Crew for the past week. His visual blessings will soon begin to leak out on all of our platforms but until then, enjoy this sneak peak at a photo recently featured on his Photo of the Week column!

Street Crew rider Kamal dropping in onto a rock in NYC. Photo: Khaleeq Alfred.

Board of the Week:

Ask your Local Skate Shop which version of the 2017 Maestro Mini they selected for their board rack for the international release date later this month!


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