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Bustin Fam Week in Review Nov. 7 – Nov. 11

written by Josh Dunn November 11, 2016

Its been another radical week for the entire Bustin Crew  here in Baltimore and abroad with a steady lurking energy that you can physically feel. Not even losing the hour of daylight after work hours that had been designated to shred missions is enough to put any kind of damper on the stoke meter. It has been all business as usual over here minus the purchasing of plane tickets, planning of mini-tours, and the fact that almost every employee has found them selves riding one of the many proto type shapes that keep getting spit out of the press. Before I spill to many beans, lets hop into what some of the #BustinFam has been doing during their past work week….


This fleet is almost ready to set sail

Bustin Fam News:

Our print shop has been hustling and bustling slinging paint during our Early Bird Special that is currently going on. Clint, Max and Jay have all been hard at work hand crafting each and every master piece created by y’all online. Stay tuned for the dropping of our Print Shop column later today which will give you a little insight into the mind of Clint, our head artist.

Upon walking back into the R&D Department here at HQ you will find Admiral Bubbles amongst his literal armada  of Max B. cut outs as he tests each one looking for the perfect torsional fortitude and tip to tip resilience. As the final lay-up comes closer and closer to getting dialed in by testing the functionality of each variation, the reality of performance possibilities are beginning to become apparent which only fuels our stoke to get this board avaliable to the public ASAP.

Fall around here means getting into the mountains to enjoy the foliage coloration change atop an open cockpit cruiser while steady mobbin’ down heavily inclined back roads up and down the east coast. This year has the Bustin Crew rollin’ down to God’s Country looking to go fast like Dale back in good ol’ North Cackalacky for the entirety of next week. Khaleeq will be charging back to Baltimore on Monday from shooting with the Street Crew in NYC and will jump straight into the van with Will Royce  who will have just arrived on the eastern seaboard only one day prior. Stay tuned to our blog for the dropping of a time to view a scheduled Facebook Live Raw Run of Will whipping down one of the many perfect runs that are in our immediate future.

If you are going to be lurking in SoCal this weekend, make sure to hit up Venice Beach and say whats up to our man Marcus Bandy and the Muir Skate Crew as they host The Pelican Pusher event which will consist of a ride, a BBQ, and a scavenger hunt. This community gathering is aimed toward fun and stands to be one of the best options for your Sunday afternoon board pushin’ and relaxin’.


See you soon Will!

Bustin Video of the Week:

Make sure to keep up with us via any of our Social Media Outlets whether it be right here on the Blog, FaceSpace, InstaBook, or Tweeter, we are constantly posting updates of shenanigans that we are getting into day to day. We hope you enjoy this upcoming week and until next time we check in with a weekly update, GO SKATE and by doing so help to embrace and grow what is already the greatest community on earth!


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