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Bustin Fam Week in Review

written by Josh Dunn November 4, 2016

Diversity breaks down all divisions. Rollin’ deep with the crew in NYC. Photo: Khaleeq

It is incredible to look back on how much the Bustin Boards skate family has grown from a small simple crew pushing around NYC all the way to a global posse connected with a kin like bond. Our common denominator is skating in its rawest form. Although no two of us skate with the same style or approach, the lurk is real when we get together creating an environment that pushes each rider in a direction they ordinarily may not have gone. This environment fosters maximum creativity from all of us resulting in lots of community activity and media production from within the crew. This new weekly column entitled Bustin Fam Week in Review is  scheduled to drop every Friday on our blog and is designed to highlight all of these comings and goings of the homies we are lucky enough to call our Skate Family. With out further ado, lets get to it!!




Chris with his own version of “Check Mate” Photo: Khaleeq

Our wizard behind the lens Khaleeq has spent the better part of two weeks up in NYC machine gunning his shutter to digitally capture the motions of our City Slicker shred team in their natural environment. Peep our Facebook and Instagram to see a sampling of these images as they are continuously pouring onto our feed.

We are skateboarders first and foremost and with this came the innate desire to design and craft skateboards whose performance was aimed at the variety of skating we were doing at the time. This philosophy lives on just as strong today as when we first began which is evident by our R&D guru Bubbles who has been spending his days laboring over digital design files and CNC precision cuts.  Without spilling all of the beans, a few proto shapes and pro models have been popping out of molds as the final tweaks and refinements are applied before they will be sent off to be manufactured. Keep your ears to the ground because the final shapes could be dropping sooner than you may expect….

Our Californian Connection, Marcus Bandy, has teamed up with the good folks over at Muir Skate to host an event next weekend called The Pelican Pusher which will encourage multi-genre participation by all who show up. If you are anywhere near SoCal next weekend make sure to stop by and say whats up to all the homies looking to get hella shreddy.

We are incredibly stoked to announce the dropping of new footie featuring our dude Luca Zeolla getting down on his Maestro Mini in the city. Luca is best known for his deep bag of tech tricks but when it comes to an Urban Safari, he knows the best approach is atop a board designed for the task. Scope the edit and then get out for your self and welcome the weekend in with a few power pushes of your own!


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