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Bustin Freestyle Sessions – Barquisimeto, Venezuela

written by TeamBustin September 14, 2010

What a trip! Skating skating and more skating! Every year I travel to my home country Venezuela, and since last year I have been organizing a contest called “freestyle sessions” As soon as I arrived I had to go check out the smoothest skate park I ever skated, “san Diego Skate Park” where I saw some old friends and made new ones too. During the whole trip I was planning, picking up prizes, making calls, painting the trophy and of course skating.

This past Sunday we had the second annual Bustin’s freestyle sessions competition that took place at Santa Elena hill in Barquisimeto, Venezuela.
We had competitors from different parts of the country, the day started very early, all the riders were very anxious to start the event. There were riders practicing and warming up even before we arrived!
People had been waiting for this event since last year, registration started at 10 am, by that time the hill was packed with the best riders from every state! Even though I couldn’t skate because I was doing all the logistics of the event along with Armando Acosta who was my right hand and help me out put this together (thanks), I had a great time watching all the talent and enjoying the great weather!
The best part were the prizes, I was so stocked for the lucky winners because the top 3 of each class went home with a fat bag of goodies, I want to all thank our sponsor: Bustin boards, Movimiento Ilicito, anarchy eyewear, Da hui, bloom, sick art, unckle funky’s and rompiente surf shop. For the prizes we had boards, wheels, trucks, sunglasses, clothes, balancing boards, and more…also 1st place took all the cash that we collected from the registration! I would also like to thank our fabulous judges who did an outstanding job! Jairo Figuera, Jofrank landaeta and Perucho! We carefully choose these judges from 3 different areas of the country and they were judging based on style, speed and tricks!
By noon we were doing trials and qualifying runs, for open class only 10 advanced and based on the score we were going to pick the top 3, but expectators, neighbors and riders wanted to see more… the competition was super tight, a lot of skills and creativity was shown by each competitor, due to that we had to come up with 2 finals! These top riders have definitely originality and a great skating level, which was very entertaining to watch!
Every year this event gets bigger and better, expectators and riders really enjoyed the event, and they can’t wait until next year. Big thanks to all those that came out to the most epic day of the year! Good times and great riding I would also like to thank our photographer Rafael Martinez benedetto and camera genius Carlos Castillo who is putting together a little taste of the event!
Last but not least thanks to Bustin board for supporting all my ideas and events, I’m so proud to be part of the Bustin family

Here are the final Results:
Open Class
1st place   Ramon de Gregorio aka draculin
2nd place Marcio vivas
3rd place Pasquale D’Attanasio
4th place Pablo Blanco
5th place Alberto Mora

Women’s class:
1st place   Karla Meier
2nd place Roraima Itriago
3rd place Alejandra Segobia
4th place Maria Antonieta Mogollon
5th place Adriana Penagos

Congrats and thank you all!  See more pictures below –


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Leopoldo September 15, 2010 at 10:45 pm

Mas nada !

En youtube hay unos vídeos buenos de unos chamos haciendo longboarding en Barquisimeto ! Seguro son panas tuyos.
Y como es esa movida en Caracas? Hay gente en longboarding? Y en Los Andes? Alli debe ser brutal hacer DH.


El chupe September 16, 2010 at 9:44 pm

Yeah!! Micku buena vibra buenisimo i like that! We all gonna be waiting for you overhere to have funskating day.. Bless and peace –

pablo payo September 17, 2010 at 3:10 pm

El evento realizado en venzuela en representacion de bustin fue un exito! esperams que se repita pronto que seran bien recibidos aqui en venezuela respetos… saludos a micku

Fonseca September 17, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Its really amazing for all de longboarders here in venezuela have events like this, whe have to say thanks to Micku, BustingBoard and all the pepole who make this happens, from Barquisimeto.
Excelent event and really nice review, we wait more events and more people to get to the highest the LONGBOARD here in Venezuela!
Pd: Sorry for my bad english…
Red bunny, Buena vibra y Longobard de por vida <3

wilour September 20, 2010 at 3:59 pm

excelente competencia.. full llena de buena vibra y mucha pasion por el deporte.. gracias y felicitaciones a todos los que hicieron posible este evento.. bless..

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