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Bustin Holiday Gift Packs!

written by TeamBustin December 3, 2013

Hello everyone out there in the world! We at Bustin hope that you had a great Thanksgiving no matter what neck of the woods you’re from. This year we have a lot to be thankful for! The Lord of stoke has spread his grace far and wide! Bustin has tons of great deals running through all the holidays! To make it easier to shop for your favorite shredder, we put together some really awesome Holiday Packages which you can find here: http://www.bustinboards.com/v/bustin-holiday-2013-schedule.asp#giftpacks

Each of the Bustin Holiday Packages will  guarantee to stoke out who ever receives one. We hand picked our favorite gear and made sure to save you some serious coin. Starting from saving $25 on the head piece package and ranging all the way up to saving 65$ on the 5-O thane packages. ( Thats like getting a free set of Bustin wheels plus a free Bustin skate tool!)

All of the Bustin Holiday Packages come with a Bustin Skate Tool,  Bustin Beanie, Bustin 1′ x 3′ banner ( the same ones we use at events!) , and Bustin sticker pack! Then we loaded our favorite gear into unique gift packages to, not only make it super simple to overwhelm your shredder with stoke, but also save you some serious cash!


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