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Bustin HQ “Mannequin Challege”

written by TeamBustin November 11, 2016

Bustin HQ “Mannequin Challege” from Bustin Boards on Vimeo.

Yesterday we ended a long day of shipping orders with the fun project of creating a ‘Mannequin Challenge’ here at Bustin HQ.  It turns out that the video indirectly also gives a great little micro-tour of our new HQ here in Baltimore.  As you roll through the land of wax figures, you get a sense for the environment we work in every day.  A very, very rad environment at that.  We are all essentially in one room, with offices and work areas broken up by giant pieces of shark tank glass we found at a local building co-op.  In this space we do everything from develop and make boards, to print customs, to putting together and shipping orders, to designing graphics, to building business plans, to taking calls from our amazing customers.  You name it, if its part of skating, it happens in this 8,000 sq foot concrete room that we call Bustin HQ.

Enjoy the video!

-Bustin Fam


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