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Bustin in the House on the Hill at Windham – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Rob Rodrigues June 26, 2012

The I Love Downhill Grand Prix took place this past weekend. Bustin team was there to represent.

Cordelia Welch and Nayhomi Cruz took first and second place in the women’s division. Will Royce won the Soft Wheel Slide Jam that was hosted by the Shralpers Union on Saturday night. Royce also took 6th place overall in downhill race and qualified for the race with the 6th fastest course run during the time trials on Saturday. 17 year old Brazilian, Jonas Richter qualified for the race with the 8th fastest time down the hill.

A big shout out to the other Bustin Team Racers that also rode in the event. Jacob Gellatly – Soy Gnarly – Jorge Garcia – Jude Buenaseda – Steven Sanchez – Cami Best & Jeff Vyain. The race course was super challenging and took a boat load of skill just to ride. It had top speeds of 50 plus MPH and several technical turns including a hard 90 degree left just before the finish.

Check Out a Few Bustin Highlight Photos

cordelia & WillCordelia & Royce – Rat Mobile & EQ

Will & Jacob

Will Royce ahead of team mate Jacob Gellatly


Jonas Richter


Cordelia Welch

Bustin's Tent

One Love!


Solomon & Push Culture’s Jenica Davenport kept the crowd at the finish line entertained with both of them on the microphone announcing and holding schwag contests for the groms. Body art was for everyone by Noishh Boom


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noishh boom June 26, 2012 at 8:01 pm

noishh boom 2nd place, hard wheels slide jam
bustin – yoface

Izman20 June 28, 2012 at 7:05 pm

Thanks for hooking me up with the harder bushings!

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