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Bustin Longboard NYC presents 2011…The Year of the Grind!

written by TeamBustin January 4, 2011

Solomon here. First…Happy New Year. I was heading to Miami for the South Beach Bomb when I last talked to you guys. I don’t think I need to tell you how awesome that was. Crigler and I had an awesome time bombing parking decks  and cruising the beach with the Miami Longboard Crew. This last club I skated garages with was the Austin Longboard Club and boy am I hooked! I felt like a ninja on a secret late night mission to capture as many garages as possible. These security guards were out for us and the whole night was one big adrenaline rush. From Marisa Nunez running up the ramp past the guard while he chased the rest of us down and bombing down while we wondered what happened to her.(This bettie is hard to the core) Or the one guard chasing us down the spiral on his cart screaming for us to stop, our boards definitely handled the speed and turns better. Thanks to Ben Arcia and the rest of the crew for such an awesome adventure.

That was the first night….the rest of my time there was spent pushing… I am from New York. My favorite skating spots were  Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road.  The temperature was at least double what it was back in Brooklyn and clothing was limited, my kind of place.  Ocean Drive is more scenic and the sand from the beach made for some steezy riding.Lincoln Road is super congested with shopping and outside seating for restaurants. Speeding through while not hitting anyone was necessary at least once a day. By the end of my trip people were accustomed and more impressed than annoyed.

The actual race was pretty awesome. The turnout was good and the stoke was high. Who won you ask? Bustin FTW! We stay skatin!

Thanks to Skanunu for hooking up cleaning and lubing the participants bearings, even with riding through this salty snow slush in NYC my bearings are running smoothly!

I could thank lots of individuals here but the kudos really goes to the entire South Florida skate scene for displaying such genuine hospitality and stoke. Look to see me in South Beach quite a bit in 2011.

So I get back to Brooklyn only to be greeted by a blizzard. The one thing that can keep us for from pushing. And unlike rain, snow sticks around. There is no skating for at least a week after. At least. Yesterday I was finally able to get some slightly serious skating in, it was freezing but that was hardly going to stop me. I was numb but the smile never left my face. Crazy right? Well I must have been insane to decide to hit the Williamsburg Bridge around midnight but I couldn’t stop pushing. We are back NYC!!!!

A few things before I get dressed and hit the streets to skate Central Park later today. Thanks to my homie Brian Bishop from the Original crew for this awesome edit of the Broadway Bomb 2010..I can barely contain my stoke as I watch this video. 2011 is going to be out of this world!!

Also I am pretty stoked about NYC ladies starting their official longboard club. Right now they are deciding on a day for their regular ride. Suggestions? You can connect with Empire Angels on their facebook page.
And if you don’t already know about the Concrete Kings find them on facebook as well!!

2010 was the Year of the Longboard, an epic year and it only gets better from here. 2011 is the Year of the Grind. Get on it! This is NYC PushCulture.


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Solomon January 4, 2011 at 1:01 pm

Mr.Santiago Cadavid thanks for hosting a great event and for your hospitality. Bustin and the Concrete Kings look forward to collaborating in 2011 The Year of the Grind!

Skanunu January 4, 2011 at 4:42 pm

Mr. Lang, You and the Miami Longboard Crew are more than welcome! We can’t wait to be a part of the next event! You name it and Skanunu will be there! Push Less & Glide Farther in 2011!

pierre richard February 18, 2011 at 4:33 pm

hey. im fro montreal and id love to come to the 2011 brodway bomb race. when exactly is it?

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