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Bustin Longboards NYC – A peek into the old Bustin Boards Loft

written by Mike November 22, 2010

Searching through old Bustin photos I found this gem.  A picture of Bustin Boards at the Wonder Bread Factory Loft.  Bustin Boards was born in Maryland at Ryan’s parents house, was developed in his dorm room at Syracuse, then the business moved to NYC.  After a brief residency in Ryan’s tiny apt. in Greenwich Village the old Wonder Bread Factory in Hoboken was discovered.  Ryan struck a deal with the owner of the building for a chunk of undeveloped abandoned space in the old building.  The landlord could not imagine how Ryan’s idea would work.  Ryan even negotiated free rent for repair work on the building – or something like that.  All I know is the Bustin LOft was born.  Ryan and some dudes got together and built a living area that housed 10 people at times.  Above that was a tucked away gem of a space that was developed into Bustin Boards.  You had to walk up a skectchy stairway the guys made to get up to the shop but it was large enough and functional for the development of a Longboard Company.  Ryan worked with a handful of friends tweaking details and then he went shopping for more friends.

“Hi Ryan, I’m Mike.”   -is all it took for me to start helping out.  Sometimes the right place at the right time is the only way.  The Bustin Loft is now abandoned and lots of skaters round NYC don’t even know what it looked like.  Take a look ladies and gents.  All it takes is a little creativity to get you going


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Ryan November 22, 2010 at 7:25 pm

wow that brings back memories.. what project it has been. Mike – we could have never taken it to this level without you. onward to 2011 for a whole new assortment of fun, stressful, priceless projects with an eye on BUILDING LONGBOARDING!

Ayiq November 23, 2010 at 2:50 am

Guys you really put sweat blood and soul to the boards.Congrates Ryan and all the Bustin crews also Bustin supporters around the Globe…Cant wait for the Bustin world tour…ayiq (malaysia)

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