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Bustin Longboards NYC: Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon World Championships

written by Mike November 7, 2011

The Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon World Championships 2011 happened this weekend.  Bustin Boards NYC is proud to announce team rider Jeff Vyain finished 1st place, finishing hand in hand his skate-nemesis/ best friend Paul Kent who was crowned Adrenalina Series champion (1 point over Jeff).  We are incredibly stoked for both Jeff and Paul because their sportsmanship is on par with their skills and they are great ambassadors of distance skateboarding.  The two held hands as they crossed the finish line together, just shy of breaking jeff’s Marathon Distance Skateboard record which was also in the 1 hour 30 minutes mark.  Well done gentlemen!  We want to give a huge shout out to Bustin Rider Kiefer Dixon for his incredible 4th place finish and mad respect to my Go Green Longboarding Teammate Jason Yerke for pulling off 3rd place, and Robin McGuirk of Portland for finishing strong with the top pack.  Yeah boys!

The ladies of distance skateboarding also had an incredible weekend.  Bustin Team Riders Cami Best and Sara Paulshock skated and finished the race together, Cami finishing just seconds before Sara, earning herself the championship BIG CHECK.  Sara was crowned Adrenalina Series Champion for most wins and respective points.  Cami, Sara and Maribeth McHugh of the Bustin crew – we are proud of you!

This is an epic photo of the 2 world champions finishing the race, ego’s aside.  Always better when it’s together.

This is a great shot of Cami and Sara in “winning” mode.  These ladies are the real deal.  I lost $25 to Cami at the Broadway Bomb this year when she kicked my ass.  mad respect ladies.


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