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Bustin Longboards NYC presents Major Stokem 2011!!

written by TeamBustin April 11, 2011

Solomon here. Yesterday was awesome! If you were in the NYC area and missed the Major Stokem 2012 event you missed out on one of the best events I have participated in! The day began with a van-sized crew meeting at our Brooklyn location to grab a last bit of schwag. After picking up Theseus at our Manhattan location we somehow managed to arrive at 10AM with a crew of 9 and almost twice as many boards! That’s a lot of boards. Some were for prizes and a few of us had different setups for different events.

Thanks GardenSk8 for this vid!

I must admit I was quite nervous when I woke in the morning and my stomach was so full of butterflies I couldn’t even think of eating anything. That turned out to be a serious FAIL, it was well over 9 hours before I was able to sit down and enjoy a meal. Maybe not so much a fail since there were no public bathrooms open to my knowledge…how did you manage that ladies!!! So it wasn’t until after I was able to do my first practice run that I was able to calm my nerves. After that I only wanted to do the hill over and over..and wanted more and more speed. I was able to do a few more runs and besides narrowly missing a jam of pedestrians and cars at 35+ mph I was ready to tuck! There was a fast turn at the bottom of the run but I had no problems with that thanks to my new Bustin Ibach and Wayne from SurfRodz for hooking me up with a set of 45 degree/176mm precision trucks.

I do think my inexperience with my new setup gave me a little trouble at the beginning of my heat, well that and me not thinking to rush to the start to grab the inside line. My heat was still quite close because I managed to catch up on the straightaway but the talent was strong and besides one guy falling there wasn’t much chance of anyone passing the front guy. Way to pick a line! Shoutout to my buddy Ben Arcia that was visiting from Miami and representing the Miami Longboard Crew. It was awesome having you crash at my pad and I def didn’t mind losing my heat to you bro. See you in South Beach!

I didn’t fall but there were no shortages of high speed encounters between flesh and pavement. Oh yeah…Helmets save lives! Seriously people..stop being too damn cool. You are not a better skater without it, it’s actually quite the opposite. Watch the video and Don’t Be Stupid! NOBI lives here! So yes there were a few falls and maybe even a broken bone or two but there were paramedics on the scenes as well as local law enforcement and the event went off pretty smooth.

Congrats to May Myers from California representing Arbor Longboards for taking first overall in the dh competition. Max happened to be in NYC visiting his lady and has been spending time at our Longboard Loft(132 Allen St) and shredding the streets with the Concrete Kings. Awesome guy whose west coast experience surely helped him take the gold. See you at the shop later buddy! Also mad props to Steve Kong, local NYC steez phenom and Earthwing team rider for winning the slide session of the event. Go sideways fast! Get in touch with him on facebook if you’re interested in hardwheel/softwheel sliding. Earthwing or Die! There was also this rad chick that won the ladies dh. I think she told me her name was Kate but I’m not sure. I wish I could give her all her props here but those there saw here killin’ that hill! She is a beast and if someone would comment with her name it would be greatly appreciated. The Wiggler says slalom gets no love. I’ll leave it at that.

Joking. There were actually a few people that participated and Jeff Vyain wiggled his way to the top. Congrats yo.

So there was downhill, freestyle sliding, tricking, slalom and pushing. All in one day. I love our lives! I am totally addicted to speed now and will be visiting more and more crews that have regular downhill runs so that I may compete on a professional level.

I’m tempted to keep going on with this but today is only the second day of the year with temps reaching over 70 degrees here in NYC and I missed the first day while on vacation. On behalf of whomever would like me to do this on their behalf I would like to thank Adam Dabonka for organizing such an epic event and thanks to all sponsors! Thanks to everyone that helped. Congrats to all who participated for being part of an event that has set such a high standard here on the Beast Coast! This was a day that sets a high standard for all events after. Stay Skatin’.


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