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Bustin Longboards NYC presents…This is History!!!

written by TeamBustin March 8, 2011

Solomon here. So this weekend coming up is going to be EPIC! Not just for Bustin but for the longboard scene as a whole. Bustin will be hosting the worlds first longboard tradeshow at its new location for the Longboard Loft. There are over 30 companies from around the world lined up with more calling each day. This will be an all day event starting at noon and a majority of NYC’s longboarders will be there! The address for our second and newest location is 132 Allen St. Literally four blocks away from the Williamsburg Bridge. The great thing about this is that out Brooklyn location is also about four blocks away from the Williamsburg Bridge…just the opposite end. I’m not sure how that transfers in real time but I’ll welcome all bets that I will be from point A to B(e) in less than ten minutes! (who saw what i just did there?) FTW!

And for those who don’t know the route the Concrete Kings and I will be available to give the “Blaze the Bridge” tour and even take you to more skate locations that are key to the NYC longboard culture. Can you dig it?!?!?!

Warriors, Come out and play!!!!!!!!!

That’s right…the Warriors Run will be this Saturday at 7:00 PM following the expo! Teams of any size start together. The first three team members from any one team crossing the finish line wins the race. There are still quite a few people looking for team members. Your options for that is to post to some of the local social network pages..(Concrete Kings, Bustin Boards, Rat Rod…), find team members at the trade show the day before or just show up at the Warriors start early where teams will also be assigned if needed! I personally am more interested in the team aspect of our sport than the competition so I will doing the run with the Lizzies(our ladies crew) and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having others join them. I believe they might be starting from Union Square but I will be starting from the Bronx and trying to be the first to reach them. I’m sure those who know me had a little grin while reading that. What?.?.Can you blame me for my appreciation for the finer things in life?!

Concrete Kings 4 Life! Ha. Shout-out to my homie Brian Bishop from Original Skateboards who will be down here with lots of others for the trade show. I received a tweet from him earlier this week expressing that he expects some serious shred sessions to be had. Kings this is your town and your time to shine..let’s spread some longboard love! On Sunday we will continue the wrap the festivities up with a chill ride through Central Park and around the city. Every Sunday at 1PM the Concrete Kings meet at the Columbus circle entrance of Central Park. That is 59th Street and 7th Avenue. This week it will be a freestyle ride where riders are encouraged to ride with a pace set by the group and bask in the aspects of city riding that you miss when blazing through traffic at breakneck speeds. We will take breaks in between locations to refuel and “steez” it out. If you have yet had the chance to ride with us you are in for a beautiful experience!

Come be a part of history!!


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Joe March 8, 2011 at 5:21 pm

LOVE IT! Keep spreading that stoke!

David March 9, 2011 at 7:11 am

Sounds like fun i will be there if i know the adress
so whats the adress exactly?

Solomon March 9, 2011 at 7:58 am

132 Allen St! Check the rest of our blogs for more info!! Hope to see you there!

Leopoldo Finol March 9, 2011 at 8:44 am

What ???
Jeff has its own wheels?

Size and duro please?

What’s up Salomon ! You look busy man.

Take care.

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