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Bustin Longboards presents the Quarter Mile Challenge!

written by TeamBustin November 21, 2010

So there’s a new spot to skate in NYC, and it isn’t some crazy city street or a gnarly hill…I’m pretty sure most of us have that stuff pretty mapped out. Theseus and I made it out to the west side highway the other night and mapped out (with a super awesome measuring wheel) a quarter mile. There are two paint lines on either side of the west side highway bike path that somebody mapped out around 31st St. marking the start of a quarter heading uptown and stopping right in front of the NYPD impound right around 34th St. Shit’s dope. Go skate it. And then reply here and tell us how fast you went. This is the ultimate training ground late at night or whenever it feels right if you’re down with dodging foot traffic. It’s your chance to work on your speed and actually measure yourself against yourself, time, your friends, and whoever else decides to take on the quarter mile challenge with random city variables other than a little wind in either direction.

Looking into the future, we will be holding the “Rat Rod Relays” around this spot…or maybe somewhere else if we find another place that works better. The point is that this is the first place where we can all go to work on top speed and compare against ourselves and others with nothing but the stop watch function on our cellphones.

Enjoy 🙂


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Jeff November 21, 2010 at 11:41 pm

75 seconds is 12 MPH avg. aka 5:00 Mile pace
60 seconds is 15 MPH avg. aka 4:00 Mile pace
45 seconds is 20 MPH avg. aka 3:00 Mile pace

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