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Bustin Mystery Boxes Sneak Peek | Level Up!

written by TeamBustin November 2, 2015

Mystery Box Sneak Peek 2015

Bustin Mystery Boxes are back

Level Up: We have chosen 4 different levels, each filled with copious amounts of stoke, and enough swag to stay representing!

Level 1: We’re packing these with an assortment of trucks, wheels, bearings and some extra throw inns..

Level 2: A deck + wheels or trucks and swag? These decks can include some of our most recent prototypes and one-of-a-kinds that we’ve produced as a special for your box only!

Level 3: The third level box will grab you a deck (maybe two?!), trucks, wheels, and anything and everything you could think of.

Level 4: 2 DECKS!!! (Guaranteed two different styles), wheels,  trucks,  bearings,  grip,  gift card, swag and some new gear to cover your back – Good luck lifting it off your doorstep!

Which level are you?


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1 comment

Joel February 5, 2016 at 5:11 pm

Do level 3 and level 4 include protoypes and one of a kinds like level 2?

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