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Bustin Out To Giant’s Head Tour, 2016

written by TeamBustin June 10, 2016


Howdy y’all! We are packing up the Westcoast Bustin van and headed to events and shops and skateparks starting on June 17th, 2016. We’ll heading all the way up the Northwest coast from Los Angeles and ultimately landing Summerland, BC Canada. The above tour poster outlines all the tour stops and dates.

On this tour we’ll have a diverse cast of our Bustin Team and will include: Carla G. Javier-BreaWilliam RoyceMax Balesteros, Clark Patrick, Juan Pablo Villegas, Khaleeq Alfred, Marcus Bandy, Colbee the Cattle Dog, and we’ll also be meeting up with other homies like Cody Lux, Kurt Hurley and more.

Our goal for this tour is to help grow the skate community via sessions, events, and . We’ll also be filming and taking photos for future articles and videos showcasing this Northwest Coastin’ adventure. Stay tuned to all our social media platforms for more details to come “BustinBoards”.

One of the cool things we’ll be doing on this tour are a couple of pop-up Skate Everything Project challenges. If you are registered for Showdown at the Loops at Maryhill or for the Giant’s Head Freeride, then you are welcome to join in on our fun challenges for a chance to win $500 in cash for skating, having fun, and pushing your limits. Stoked! More details about our 2×4 Chinese Downhill Race at Maryhill coming soon, as well as details as to what we’ll be doing via a Skate Everything Project challenge at the Giant’s Head Freeride.

Last But not least, we’ll most definitely be stopping at Daddies Boardshop while in Portand, Or for a BBQ and session, as well doing something rad at Jack’s Board House in Medford when we roll through there too. See y’all on there road soon!!!!

2016 Showdown at the loops logos



Anyway, make sure you are registered for these two rad events (click the respective images to just DO THAT) and also make sure to follow us via our Facebook event page for daily updates on our upcoming tour and make sure you meet up to shred along the way.


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