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Bustin Presents the Camber Series Decks! Cigars be Rollin.

written by TeamBustin April 11, 2013

As much as we aim to push the limits of ergonomic wood bending for high level thrashing, simple shapes still have a huge place in our hearts for everyday riding, and at heart, we as a company are still all about getting you where you need to go with a smile on your face.

Our camber series decks do just that. Designed with a gentle camber and gentle concave, the Cigar 31 and 38 are great for cruising, carving, and pumping around town. The pointy nose and tail of the classic pintail shape have been chopped for a more compact design that’s easy to stow away or drag behind you with two longboard wheels on the ground.

Both the cigar 31 and 38 longboards are straight forward, easy to set up. 50 degree carving RKPs like Paris, Bears, and Randals are ideal. 70mm wheels work best, but you can easily set the boards up with 75mm wheels with a little bit of riser or bushing adjustment. The CNC’d wheel wells will help relieve you from bite, giving you more confidence on the road when making deep carves.

For a super low mini cruiser, set the Cigar 31 up with Polar Bear trucks and 1/4″ riser or Indy trucks and 65mm wheels. Tons of fun and old school style carving action right there. The Cigar decks both also make great pumpers. While 50/50 RKPs will work great, you can also set them up with forward facing angled risers, wedging the front and dewedging the back for more power in the pump and increased stability and agility. Indy style trucks tend to work a little better for this purpose, but any truck will work. Hardening up the rear bushing and softening up the front ones will compensate for the increased and decreased leverage over the kingpin as a result of changing the angle. Feel free to email us at skate@bustinboards.com if you have any setup questions.


All in all, these are designed for a surf style ride on your daily cruise. You are welcome to push them to the limits but in now way will you feel like you are underachieving by just carving it up. Fun on the concrete wave and easy on the wallet. CLICK HERE to get more info and set up your custom Cigar now.


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