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Bustin Presents: The Ratarang – Ratman’s New Whip

written by Bubbles December 3, 2013

New, from Bustin Boards, the must have for all the young and daring caped crusaders out there; the Ratarang!  No utility belt is complete without this wildly rotating, twin tipped, hill slasher.  Whether Freeride, Downhill, or plain ole’ Vigilante justice is your game, the Ratarang is a must have.


We’ve taken the elliptical w shape that we introduced to the world in our 2013 Ibach, pushed it down to a super mild .1″ and cradled it into a slightly rockered deck amidst some tasty .68″ concave in order to create a gentle bed for your feet.  Throw in some ample .73″ wheel flares on either side and you’re left with more pockets than your grandma’s overcoat!  (what just my grandma?)

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 10.38.11 AM

A quick aside as we turn the board on it’s side, you’ll notice the board seems to peak in the middle, despite the taper.  No it’s not an optical illusion, we actually added just a touch of increased concave in the middle!  “WHY THE MIDDLE?!?!?!” you say?  Try and flex the board… I’ll wait… that’s why.  With an added change in concave through the deck, we’ve taken an already stiff layup and made it stiffer, with no added weight.  And the change is so mild and so out of the way, you’re feet won’t know the difference unless you tell them.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 10.51.02 AM

While we are super excited about this new weapon of choice, we only had time to make a limited run of 100 in time for the holidays, of which we sold 20 YESTERDAY!  So if you need a new, limited run deck this holiday season, tell Santa he can find it in the Rat Cave.

Happy holidays and happy shredding from everyone here at Bustin!



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