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Bustin Rider Andrei Hippix 2nd Place at Rapid Movement Marathon

written by Mike June 10, 2012

Bustin Boards Team Rider Andrei Hippix placed 2nd at Rapid Movement Skateboard Marathon 2012 behind Bee’s Knees Rider Jason Yerke and just in front of Robin McGuirk of Eastside Longboards.  The 3 increbily talented and fast riders have toured North America and Puerto Rico over the past year and have traded wins several times.  Bustin is super stoked about Andrei’s dedication to Distance Skateboarding and would like to share his most recent experience in Michigan, in his words….

It all started with a quick comment from me on The Rapid Movement facebook page, saying “I would Love to do this!!!”  At that time, I was not planning to go to Michigan, but thanks to a good friend of mine Danielle De Jesus, I received a message from her, offering me a spot in the van with Danielle, Leo, Vivian, Carolina and Nicole that was leaving NYC on Thursday morning of May 31st.  Thanks to Danielle it became a weekend of a lifetime.  Thursday went pretty smooth. We drove to Michigan with few stops and lots of goofing around.  Finally, after a 14 hour drive we came to a first official stop at someone’s house where we met Danielle’s board sponsor SML and our new family that we spent an awesome weekend with. Being pretty darn tired from being molded into a seating position for a long time, all I remember leaving a car, was smiling Blair Butterworth (SML co-founder and official stoke builder) meeting us with her arms wide open. A warm welcoming in a rainy cold night that we came to Michigan was amazing, especially for strangers like us. We got in the house and there it was, a crew of skaters hanging out in the middle of the night, eating, drinking and smoking mad love.

After that, the night got pretty blurry because after I tried to smoke the kind of Love they smoke up in Michigan, I instantly felt so buzzed that had to go upstairs and take a nap while everyone were still hanging out and meeting each other. After few hours I got woken up because now Blair offered us to go over her house aka SML hub and finish up the night over there.  In the morning, well, skater’s morning about 12pm, we all got up and there she was again, all surprisingly rested and shiny looking Blair who was taking out everything possible for us to have The best American breakfast.

After again, fooling around like we always do, some of us got in our rental van and of course almost everybody wanted to share the seat in the pimped out Smokin’ Mad Love Van.  That being said, taking pictures and looking around Paul Kuyt (Creator and owner of Rey Trucks) with his son Jacob and daughter Elly entered the shop and immediately everyone’s smile came on.

Later on I found out, that was because Smokin’ Mad Love and Rey Trucks through collaboration and mutual enthusiasm for the sport, became one big family in between which, now we were mingling and feeding off positive energy.  Paul offered us to go to his manufacturing base and show us where and how Rey Trucks come to life. Everyone without even thinking hoped in his spacious and very musically talented truck and there we were off to the factory.  My words cannot describe how and what makes those trucks come alive simply because I don’t have the knowledge to express it. But it was a big building, full of machines that work with all kinds of metal and few of those machines were cutting out these beautiful precision trucks made out of perfectly shaped and shiny looking blocks of aluminum. At that point all I wanted was a pair of those bad asses. Paul must be a telepathic genius because the next room we entered, there were sitting about 10 pairs of Rey’s and guess what?! Yep, they were laying there to be taken home by us. The rest is a history.  Later on the same day we found out that our lodging space for the night was going to be now Paul’s house. We gathered 3 vehicles full of riders and now SML – Bustin – Rey crew was heading to his Paul’s pad. I can go on and on but one thing I’ll share with you is that movies showing people who have not only nice houses but actually store in them everything possible that you could ever wanted in your life, those people do exist in real life too. Paul Kuyt is a real life testimony to that and I think on this note I will end because I would not want Paul to be a next target for some low-life crooks. Oh yeah, he’s got top notch security all over, so don’t even try!  In the morning we got up and another awesome breakfast was waiting for us, only this time Randi who is Paul’s wife and I assume is Mrs. Rey did an awesome job getting us filled for the race!!! Everyone stocked for the race and yet tired from sleeping only few hours because of swapping whatever gear they had to freshly baked pair of Rey, started packing up and getting in to the mood for the infamous Rapid Movement!!!

Finally we got to the destination place over 100 skaters and another good number of spectators gathered together to share the stoke on distance skateboarding. Right of the bat I saw few of our awesome friends from NYC: Mike Dallas, Annah Rowe and their beautiful baby Brooklyn J reppin’ BUSTIN haaaard, Theseus aka RatRod …..

From there I spotted our awesome friends from Bees Knees Skathletics Jason and Derek Yerke’s with few of other riders whose names I can’t remember, sorry =/ Robin McGuik reppin’ Eastside Longboards; and many many many more riders from everywhere.  We paid the dues, put on our shoes, pinned racing numbers and started getting ready for the race to kick off.  After the race there was an after party which was pretty dope but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to tell you much since I was so tired that only our rental van could save me from being oblivious. Yeah I slept most of it and when I woke up, almost everyone who came in the van from NYC were sleeping next to me; as if we were ready to go back home. But, not yet. For the night, we stopped at over stocked house of Chriss Preville where we found Chris Yandall knocked out even before we came in. From whom in the morning, we all got a lesson on skogging and got to ride his infamous Chriss Yandall Sk8 Kings – Dex Series board which also lights up for a perfect night cruise. After that we went to eat and then headed out to the beach in Holland.  There we rested and healed our wounds and after the good times on the beach which is right next to Nick Harrington’s house, who is the tanned guy to the right. On the way back we exchanged our good memories, hugs, some even kisses with Bees Knees crew and guess where headed next. Correct, to the next beach which you could call a Lil’ Cali, where we set out to finally say goodbye to our Smockin’ Mad Love and Rey family that bared with us all those days 😉 Love Yall!

I love Michigan!!!!

The Rapid Movement Skateboard Marathon (http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Rapid-Movement-Skateboard-Marathon/296902783698031)

Smocking Mad Love (http://www.facebook.com/sMoKiN.mAd.LoVe)

Rey Trucks (http://www.facebook.com/reytrucks)

Bees Knees Skathletics (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000889872959)

Bustin Boards (http://www.facebook.com/bustinboards)

Event Coverage: http://blog.bustinboards.com/?p=6586

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FOX News with Mike Dallas (http://www.fox17online.com/news/fox17-national-skateboarding-event-visits-grand-rapids,0,4724795.story)


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Dustin June 12, 2012 at 4:17 am

Damn, I live in Grand Rapids and had no clue about this marathon at all. Would have definitely been there.

Chris Yandall June 12, 2012 at 4:53 pm

Great article on what went down! 🙂 Michiganders like Californians love a good enlightment session 🙂 Safety first!


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