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Bustin Shop Focus | Billabong New Jersey

written by TeamBustin May 5, 2015

Bustin Shop Focus:  Billabong New Jersey

Billabong New Jersey is a family owned and operated surf and skate shop—but this is not just any family.  The Mesanko family has a long, proud history at the heart of the New Jersey surf scene.  Sons Dillon and Luke run the shop now but their father Greg Mesanko opened the legendary Grog’s Surf Palace in Seaside Park all the way back in 1971.  They’ve been supporting Bustin for years and we’re stoked to have them as supporters of our boards and our brand.

They have this to say about Bustin: “We have grown a trust with Bustin because…they’re constantly pushing out cutting edge models and construction while still offering high quality cruisers and bamboo boards for the average skater.  And of course their graphics are always sick.  Our customers also count on us to carry brands who are pushing the sport forward and are different then what’s on the racks at mall stores.”

Their current spot in Shrewsbury has been open since 2007 and has built a loyal following because of a focus on customer service and a knowledgeable staff.  They also support a local skate team—and we love to support shops that support skaters!

Local shops are what it’s all about and Billabong New Jersey is just that.  If you live in the area get out there and show them your support—whether it’s buying a new longboard, some wheels or even picking up some new boardshorts for the beach.

If you don’t live near them then get out there and support the local shop in your area—check out our dealer locator for a Bustin dealer new you!

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