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Bustin Sojourn VERSUS Honda Element

written by Ryan November 23, 2010

This was an email we got this morning from a customer in Columbus and I thought I’d share.  We give a 100% guarantee on our boards, but still catch some flack occasionally from people who complain that they’re not as strong as fiberglass and carbon reinforced boards (that cost twice as much, of course.)  Well, despite the handful of complainers, what started as a few boards hand-made in my dad’s barn and has now grown to over 6,000 happy customers rockin’ Bustin Boards longboards around the world.  Here is one –

“I just wanted to throw you guys and email describing a crazy moment that I had recently.

Living in Columbus, Ohio, I skate mostly just to get around the city. Traffic usually isn’t a huge issue, but skating in the street has its moments. Down by OSU, I was skating to a friend’s house with one of my buddies (who rides a Bustin Strike), and I lost my balance, kicking my board (a Sojourn) into oncoming traffic. I watched as my board sped toward a Honda Element (not the lightest car in the world) and the Honda proceeded to fully run over my board with its front left tire. The car rolled over it as if it were a speed bump, just up and down at about 5 miles an hour (it was close to an intersection). The board just sort of popped out from underneath the car and I ran over and picked it up, the driver of the Honda seeming to not take any notice at all. In fact, there is still a tire mark on the wood right by the front foot position on the board where the car ran it over. Anyway, the board was totally fine! It flexed a little, but stayed rigid while the car was rolling over it, and is completely fine. The only marks on the board are the tire marks that I mentioned before. I don’t know what you guys put in these things (well, other than the 7-ply maple!) but it can withstand the weight of a Honda Element (or at least some fraction of its weight, given that it was only one tire, info on how much it weighs is here)!

Thanks for making a board that can stand up to my skating and my seemingly stupid mistakes!

I wouldn’t skate anything else.

Zach Smith
Columbus, Ohio”


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Domikaze November 23, 2010 at 2:34 pm

Hey this message is for the post Ryan just put up about the Bustin vs the Honda. I recently did the broadway bomb and I recorded the whole thing. While I was enjoying the organized Mayhem I got blocked off by a suv that had stopped in the middle of an intersection. It was literally parked on top of a Bustin strike. Obviously the owner was pissed and told the driver to back the f@ck up, and when he did the board was still intact. I got the video to prove how awesome Bustin boards really are!!! Oh yeah by the way this maestro mini rocks!

Ryan November 23, 2010 at 2:43 pm

dude, that’s awesome. thanks for sharing. send us the video or the link and we’ll throw it up!

Domikaze November 23, 2010 at 11:09 pm

heading to puerto rico. Taking my maestro mini with my brother on his sojourn to tear the streets up out there, but when I’m back in a week I’ll definitely send the clip. Bustin boards are the truth!!!

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