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written by Mike February 18, 2010

Hello world!  I’m back.

Bustin Boards has gone through some HUGE changes in the past several months.  Our efforts have been focused on understanding the needs of our riders (boards ship internationally and domestically everyday) and we have been challenged by the diversity of riding terrain and skill development.  WE ARE AMAZED BY HOW EVERYONE HAS IMPROVED IN THE PAST FEW MONTHS!  Some skaters are still throwing gnarly moves to the illest beat, more are learning really cool new swagger.  Most everyone who skates a Bustin has taken a spill, because you are skating EVERYDAY!  Nothing stops your riding.

We are working all day, excited because we know how many new board owners smile everyday.  The feeling of a sweet new piece, the perfect picked and recommended longboard from dudes that never quit talking about how to make skateboards better, faster.  We skate fast.  We skate dirty.  We go hard.  Thank you to Coast Longboarding for throwing down for us to pick up on the East Coast.  Your spirit is the greatest and to get skaters to feel this way globally is the next level.  New York, thank you for KILLING IT.  Globally we are rising from the workplace, school, home, church, camp, team and have become a community of riders that understand each other.  We step on our boards for the same purpose.  To Get Stoked.

OK, back to why we’re challenged….

Our riders demand innovation.  We believe that simple is better and streamline is fast.  Our boards have streamlined and become faster, more agile over the past few years.  The racers of the BROADWAY BOMB spend a lot of time at the shop and inspire the ideas that create the shapes.  Bustin is fast around town, on your school campus, surfing traffic, sliding, freestyle DH, pedestrian weaving, steez throwing, style showing made for Push Culture.  The Push Experience of your riding is 75% of your skate, at least.  Bustin makes the Push Culture experience desirable, and fast.  Call us HIPSTERS, call us whatever.  WE GO HARD because we like to skate fast.  All day.  Everyday as anything less may cause death by vehicle in New York City.

The next generation of Bustin Boards is going to FUN.  You like foot work?  Welcome the new “Boat”.  Itching for good controlled Downhill?  We’re on it.  ready for new wheels?  Bigs, Mids and Smalls.  Got ’em.  We’re trying to increase the awareness of longboarding and the availability of all sorts of products, theirs and ours because we are all in it for the same love, LONGBOARDING!

OK, thats enough of my excited rants for now but stay tuned!  I have delicious details from the prototyping room at our new location in Brooklyn, New York.  We dreamed of a store to offer cool shit and now we’ve got it.  Thanks to you, thats why we custom make it for you.

Roll thru Bustin Boards – 340 Grand St, Brookltn, NY 11211


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