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Bustin YOFACE Hybrid Deck + Will Royce – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Mike May 16, 2012

The newest deck to the Bustin lineup is 35 inches long and named “YOFACE”.  This deck was designed for the all around skateboarder who wants more from a regular skateboard and less from a longboard.  We thought about it and collectively came up with the Bustin YOFACE design, utilzing YOUR feedback.  The wheel wells were designed into the m0ld and then sanded out for extra clearance.  Wheelbite is no longer a problem.  Watch Bustin Will Royce skate this deck with ease then try one for yourself!  One Love from Bustin Boards.


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Top Tech Slide Longboard Decks of 2012 | Motion Boardshop Blog August 15, 2012 at 6:07 pm

[…]  This deck is one of the newest tech-sliders out there and has a unique design. The Yoface’s features mellow concave in the center of the board between your feet that flares up substantially over the wheel wells to create extra tight foot pockets. Also, the flare over the wheels is accentuated by sanded wheel wells, allowing you to run bigger wheels than most tech slide decks. Visit the Bustin blog for lots of great info. […]

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