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Bustin YoStates Tour Part I: Soggy SoCal Sessions

written by Josh Dunn February 1, 2017

Images: Khaleeq Alfred & Matt Kienzle, Words: Josh Dunn

The long term weather forecast was showing signs of a moody mid-winter episode typical of this time of year in Baltimore, Maryland where Bustin HQ  resides which simply served as more fuel to a fire that was beginning to spark. This was a collaborative combustion whose goal and objective was solely centered around the skateboarding community and a desire to get out on the road and visit some of our current homies while making some new ones along the way. As routes for the journey were scouted it quickly became clear that the best line would be to have members of the #BustinFam rally in Cali for an East Coast bound and down mission that would have us hitting skate shops and community sessions every step along the way back across the country. What came to fruition has became known as the #BustinYoStates Tour and included William Royce, Mathew Kienzle, as well as Max Ballesteros who mobbed around Soggy SoCal with us during the first leg of our journey.

We used the new SkateHouse (aka Skate Mansion) as a collection point for all of the team members who each traveled from various locations to gather for this trip. Pretty much from the day we arrived we were constantly calling on our armature meteorologist Matt to find us a secret spot that somehow would escape the unusually soggy weather that was persisting throughout the region.  After a day or two of LA lurking we finally got a dry window and jetted a couple hours north to Santa Gnarbara and hit some key classics during our stay including the road that will be hosting the first annual #CentralCoastUpNDown April 8th-9th.

After completing our mission in SB, we said good bye to our friends there and headed back to rendezvous with the SkateHouse crew as well as visit our good friends at Maui and Sons skate shop in Venice Beach. During our stint back in  the LA area we poached runs on a million dollar Malibu driveway before braving the returning heavy seas for a soaking wet session at everyone’s favorite fishing hole. After catching our limit we hoisted anchor and let the current take us further south in search of calmer conditions. This proved to be the right call as we were able to navigate to a fun session at Black’s Beach in La Jolla before stopping into Adrenalina Skate Shop that afternoon for tech talk and tamales with all the locals that came out. Upon arriving at the hill we quickly found that all the rain had lent itself to a full blown drainage run-off in the apex of both turns. It’s not skate somethings, sometimes, so the boys made the best of the conditions and still salvaged a super fun session despite the conditions.

Waking up the next morning in the Muir Skate Warehouse after closing out the previous night with a mini ramp session, the group began to willingly drift deeper and deeper into skate rat mode. The consensus had been mutual after we shut down the ramp the night before to time the alarms with the rising sun to make it possible for us to make our scheduled meeting with a dear old friend named Angie. After a drive filled with anticipation we arrived at the gate guarding a world class driveway run that we had been incredibly blessed to have permission to enter.  The sun was shining and the stoke levels were only climbing run by run giving the day an “All-Time” feel as we each felt Angie’s watchful eye over us the entire session.


As the crossed off days of the calendar began to add up, it all too quickly was our last day in California before we hit the road for real on our cross country quest back to HQ. We wanted to make our last day memorable so we headed down toward the border for an outlaw meet up of speed crazed renegades subject to no sanctions or regulations. The Barrett Junction Outlaw Race is perhaps the gnarliest of the locations featured on the California Outlaw Series and this year’s meet up was regulated by the chunderous conditions that faced each rider as they floated down the course. When the dust settled Tim Del took home his fifth Barrett Junction title with Max Capps and Scott Lembach rounding out the podium.

Photo: Wheelbase Mag

Our time in Cali had come to an end and as we started eastward with the setting sun at our back, we set our eyes on the Southwestern spill ways that lay directly ahead of us. We had successfully navigated Soggy SoCal while managing to still hit many of the classic runs and iconic features she had to offer. #TeamBustin was now steady mobbin’ through the desert toward the promised oasis’s that contained shreddable structures for us as we kept about our mission of busting through borders in the name of skateboarding.


Thank You’s:

A special thanks goes out to everyone we met and interacted with along the way but certain individuals deserve special recognition for their assistance during our time in California:

Levi Green, Fer Baileres, Les Robertson, the entire Skate House crew, The Oakland Skatehouse crew, Cheryl at Maui & Son’s, Pablo at Adrenalina Skate shop, Scott at Muir Skate, The Loaded warehouse staff, Joey Pulsifer and Ryan Ricker, Maxx Capps, Travis Davenport, AJ Haiby, and Josh Rolf for all the help along the way. 


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