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Bustin YoStates Tour

written by Josh Dunn January 12, 2017

We came from both near and far but #TeamBustin has squaded up here in Southern California at Skate House in preparation to send it straight back to the east coast while stopping and shredding with the homies along the way. The van has been outfitted and is committed to the best line possible that allows us to hit up various skate shops and community sessions each stop along the way. Check out the above flyer and check the dates to see if there are any of our stops where you could come say whats up to us at one (or more) of the scheduled appointments we have arranged along our route back across the country.

Matt and Max B. Gibbin’ before the tour even officially started. Photo: Khaleeq

We are fully prepared to barge and charge any and all paved surfaces we can find as well as lurk with the locals who call those spots home. We are simply skateboarders looking to skate and share our passion with our fellow rippers as we embark on a van voyage back home. Hope to see y’all at some point along the way of the #BustinYoStates Tour where dreamland actually has the chance to become reality!

The foundation for the stacking of clips has been laid so let the hammers start dropping… Photo: Khaleeq


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