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Bustin.com soon will offer 42 & 50 degree Randal base plates!

written by Mike October 21, 2009

Exciting news!  Soon Bustin riders will have the option to purchase Silver Randal 180 trucks with 42* baseplates and Black Randal 180 & 150’s with 50* baseplates.  I always have a few extra baseplates in both geometry to dial in the perfect turning radius.  Every longboard performs best with the right setup.  I prefer my Strike with 42* Silver plates and black hangers.  It gives the board the “Rat Rod” edge.  Rat Rod is a term that has been long used in the performance racing community.  Von Dutch was one of the first recognized “Rat Rod” drivers.  His vehicles were soot black, rusty and ugly but the engines were clean.  Rat Rod Longboarding started on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and is inspired by racing greats.  Not every Rat Rod longboard is designed to race,  but custom components really make a #longboard pop.  The Bustin Brooklyn is going to have all of the hottest components waiting to be picked for the ultimate setup.  Opening party is Friday, November 13.  Come see how the shop will operate and have a drink or three.  See you then!


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