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Bustin’s 1st Open House Wrapup

written by TeamBustin May 25, 2008

Our 1st Open House went off without a hitch thanks to all of the people that helped plan, sponsored, and attended! We successfully raised almost $3000 for AAS in one night!

The day began with a ride around Central Park’s 6.5 mile loop. 80+ riders showed at Columbus Circle to show love to AAS and Bustin, making this the biggest ride Bustin has hosted to this date! The launch took several minutes as more than 80 riders hit the loop pushing, filtering in to the crush of bikers, bladers, and joggers. It was a site to see and bystanders stopped to stare at our clan. Around the loop at all different paces, bombing hills, sliding around traffic and a 20+ rider skitch on a truck pulling a trailer! Tell me you have seen that somewhere else and I will give you a dollar! A couple spills but nothing too serious meant that the ride was everything that we had hoped it would be. After handing out some swag from sponsors like Skater Socks, Concrete Wave, Surly Greetings and Okoto (thanks for making these killer event shirts!), we separated with some rolling the streets of Broadway and others heading back to the loft to check out how our boards are built.

Later that night, we opened our doors to over 300 people from areas as far away as Austin, TX (ALC in the house!) and FLA (thanks guys!) for a blow out event that helped to raise awareness and cash for Adaptive Action Sports. Around midnight, we were at capacity and finally got to introduce everyone to the charity they had so graciously chosen to support. Daniel Gale, Co-founder of AAS, silenced the entire 5000 sq feet by sharing the story of AAS and showing a video from last year’s Amped Riders tour. The Amped Riders tour was a traveling skate demo designed to bring awareness to Adaptive as well as showcase their amazing athletes. Imagine 300 people staring in silence as they watched these incredible people preform skate tricks that most normal peopl could never even fathom. The room stood in awe and Daniel and I looked at each other acknowledging the success of the night. With the conclusion of the video, there was a loud applause and tears shed by some of the crowd. This signifies to me, that we actually made a difference with our first attempt at giving back to the deserving!

A special thanks to all the sponsors: Zyr Vodka, Anheuser Busch, Monster Energy Drinks, Okoto Apparel, Skater Socks, DontbeStupid.com, Ogden Clothing, Surly Greetings, Stereo Skateboards

Amy and Daniel, thanks for all the help in bringing this event to life. We couldnt have done it without you. You are both truly amazing people for doing what you do. Cheers!


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