Announcing the Worldwide 2’x4′ Challenge – Skate Everything Project

Posted by on Jun 24, 2016 in Events, News

Skate Everything Challenge

As many of you know we’re challenging everyone to open their minds and spread their love for skateboarding through our Skate Everything Projects.  Right now we’re at the Maryhill ‘Showdown at the Loops’ Race in Goldendale, Washington, one of the most renowned & official downhill races in the world, encouraging racers to take a pause from the competition and have some fun in our Maryhill ‘2×4 Chinese Downhill Race’.

The contest has gotten so popular that people have been begging us to open it up to everyone, worldwide, who can’t make it out to Maryhill.  To that we say ‘good idea’ and announce our new Worldwide 2×4 Skate Everything Challenge, open to all skaters everywhere.  Get your friends together, screw some trucks to a few pieces of wood and have some fun (and win some pizza).

Here’s how the contest works:

  1. Find a random piece of wood thats not a skateboard or longboard.
  2. Add your trucks/wheels/bearings to it and SKATE IT.
  3. Post a picture or video to Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Make sure to include hashtag “skateeverythingproject“.
  5. We’ll choose 3 winners on Friday, July 1st (one week from today) and order a Large Pizza for you and your crew (your choice of toppings).





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Central Park Race Day

Posted by on Jun 20, 2016 in Events, News, NYC Street Report


The NYC Push Community is going strong. The CP Race, New York City’s second most notorious race reminds skaters of the importance of unity.


The 20th annual Central Park Race went down in smooth fashion in NYC last Saturday.

The race was followed by two more events, The Skate Everything Project: Manhattan and The 5 Bomber w/a Dirty Start.

Check out photo highlights and results from the day.

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2×4 Chinese Downhill Race at Maryhill: $500 Cash Prize!!!

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Events


For our second (many more to come too!) Skate Everything Project challenge we are hosting a 2×4 Chinese Downhill Race during the final day of the Showdown at the Loops at Marhill on June 25, 2016. It’s a winner takes all challenge for $500 in cash. It’s gonna be super wild and fun and we can’t wait to watch a pack of skaters ripping down Maryhill on 2x4s and smiling and having fun together. Anyway, here are the challenge details and rules:

Date: June 25, 2016 mid day at the “Showdown at the Loops” event at Maryhill.

The Challenge: 2×4 Chinese Downhill Race (everyone rips down the hill all at once)

Cash Prize: $500 Cash winner takes all.

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Saturday in the Park

Posted by on Jun 14, 2016 in Events, News, NYC Street Report

“This year will be the 20th year anniversary of the Central Park Race.
We always have a good time and it’s a lot less dangerous than my more infamous race ‘The Broadway Bomb’.” – Ian Nichols

Saturday June 18th is packed with three big events in NYC. Click this link to find out details about the first one of the day starting at noon.

After the Central Park Race head downtown under the FDR highway smack between the Manhattan & Brooklyn bridges for the Skate Everything Project. Click this link to get the FaceBook411

For All Who Push

Saturday Night!

Make it a Marathon Saturday in NYC – Click to find out about the Dirty Start 5 Bomber.

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