New Artist Finishes Available Now

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Since we first began making boards in 2001, our focus at Bustin Boards has been to build custom longboard skateboards that meet the highest standards of design and engineering for riders of all styles and experience levels. In keeping, we developed an interactive website to make it easy for your to create your own longboard based around your style and we pour our hearts into every detail of the production process. We have over 750,000 ways to customize EACH board in our line-up and now the limitless just got less limited… Create and Skate yours today!

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On the third weekend of every October, Skateboarders, both long & short are all welcome to come together in NYC for a weekend of skating and parties. It’s for All Who Push. Pushing just to have fun and enjoying the ride or pushing to bring your skating to the next level. It’s all skateboarding and part of the tapestry vital to the industry.

Get out there and skate!!! We’ll see you next October.


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Early Bird Special – Good Art Takes Time

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Good Art Takes Time.


We print custom boards by hand but our print crew feels the pain during the holidays because most of the orders come in at once after Thanksgiving.  This year we’re cutting them a break and offering a 20% Discount Custom Decks ordered before Thanksgiving Day.  Be kind to the print guys, get your holiday orders in early!

Get your design on and get creative:


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Dublin Pearse D’Arcy Crowned Champion at “King of Huku” at Ticknock, Ireland!

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King of Huku by Paul Fitzgerald

Dublin Pearse D’Arcy  wins “King of Huku”, a 2-man heat race on huku hill on the 14th of November. For anyone who hasn’t skated it or seen it before it’s narrow 5 corners and around 55 kph. There were a lot of potholes but they filled them in but it’s still rough in a few sections. The heats were picked by names pulled from a hat and the winners progressed. Pictured:  Pearse showing his mean face!

Photo: Paul Fitzgerald

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ACME Downhill 2015 – THIS WEEKEND!

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Hey cats and dolls, hope you’re all ready and registered (or about to register) for the 3rd annual ACME Downhill Race!  We’re proud to be partnering with the Bergen County Bombers to bring you this years main event – The IDF World Qualifier ACME Downhill!

The Bergen Bombers started this event back in 2013 and it pretty immediately became a success.  The nature of the hill, mid-40 mph, with 2 hair-pins, little road traffic, and close proximity to NYC led to a gem of a hill that is easily reached from the Big Apple.

This year the organizers have worked with the IDF sanctioning body and for 2015, ACME is (in addition to a rad course and a hell of a good time) an IDF World Qualifier race.  That means points for all of your competitive folks!

Here’s the famous skate Dad – Mike Girard – taking a run from top to bottom!

HOWEVER!  Not all who race must be pro!  This weekend ACME provides not only high-level racing and competitors from across the entire spectrum of downhill skateboarding, but also an opportunity for more recreational riders as well.  All Friday, open skating of the hill will be available to all registered for the Freeride.  No leathers, no IDF membership needed, just bring your waiver, safety equipment and Freeride registration and you’re clear to skate!

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