Grom Patrol: Curren Atterbury

Grom Patrol: Curren Atterbury

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When I first met Curren a few years ago at a local skate park I instantly knew this dude was the real deal as I watched him charge burly transition sections that even I would think twice before hitting. His skills on a skateboard speak for them selves but once you get the chance to know him, you discover that not only does he absolutely rip but he is a genuinely good kid just looking to use skating as a tool for his own personal expression. Curren quickly has solidified him self in his home town back yard DIY scene in which he is a very active and accepted member with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Bustin is very excited to have this Grom as part of our Family and we look forward to showing off more from this talented transition killer as he continues to progress with us.

Name:  Curren

Age:  10

Home Town:  Wilmington, NC

Years Skating:  3 years

What originally got you into skateboarding?  I lost interest in popular sports (football, soccer, etc.) and told my parents all I wanted to do was skateboard.

Who is/are your favorite skateboarder(s)?  Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Curren Caples, Ben Rayborn, Jaws, Brian Drake, Todd Johnson, Wyatt Wisenbaker, Collin Graham

We hear you recently got a “mini-ramp” in your backyard.  Tell us a little about your personal training facility:  The ramp is 24 feet wide, 9 feet high (no vert), 12 gauge metal surface, Federal Stone pool coping on one side with metal coping on the other. Architect:  Chad Troutman.  

How did you convince your parents to put a ramp in your backyard? Luckily I really didn’t have to convince them.  They are both cool with it and many skate friends helped build it! Massive thanks to Chad Troutman and Randy Rose!

The Sunset Park of the Road just went off in your hometown.  For those who do not know, explain to us a little about this gathering as well as how it was to actually get to skate it:  This is a super fun event where teams work together to earn points by completing certain “challenges”.  The event travels to three locations to skate in the Sunset Park neighborhood.  The session was SO fun and I am honored to have the opportunity to skate with such a great group of people.  

What is your favorite pre or post skate sesh snack?  No real pre snacks, but ice cream is always a nice treat when I get it. 

-If you could only skate one place for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?  Charleston, South Carolina’s new Team Pain skate park.  It offers a crazy long snake run, a street course, a small bowl and (best of all), a big bowl.  All with buttery, smooth concrete. 

What does “Skate Everything” mean to you? It means skate all aspects of a park.  Skate every surface and terrain.  Respect all skaters no matter what type of board they have under their feet.  Skating should be for fun and always share the stoke! 

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2016 Holiday Buyers Guide: “Grom Gear”

2016 Holiday Buyers Guide: “Grom Gear”

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Skateboarding is a journey that takes a lot of time and practice but is to anyone who has put enough of either of those things, the reward is 100% worth the effort. That being said it is never to early to get on a skateboard for the first time and try it for your self! The Bustin Crew is stoked to be able to offer equipment to all the young guns out there looking to grab their first board or their latest rip stick in the journey through their progression. Our boards are not about the skill level of the rider, but rather their personal desired performance results making it easy for everyone to find their perfect ride. So the first step to finding that magic carpet ride you’re looking for is deciding whether you want to push, cruise, and carve your way through your neighborhood,  or if you are looking for something suited more for tricks and visits to the local skate park.


10 year old Curren Atterbury charges his back yard vert ramp on one of our street decks. Photo: Rich Atterbury

Kickin’ and Cruisin’: 

If soulful carves as you jam and style your way across any and all pavement you can find with effortless ease then we would recommend the Maestro Mini as the perfect board to help you accomplish these glide inspired missions. This board is 33″ long and comes in at 8.6″ wide making it a stable, yet agile board for riders of smaller stature. The mellow concave on the standing platform allows for comfortable and confident foot placement allowing for tweaks and variations of stances while mobbing around your local neck of the woods. Featuring a symetrical shape that can be ridden forward or backwards, this design also affords the user multi-specturm use of the fully functional nose and tail. By design this board is up to what ever task you throw at it and is capable of progressing with the rider as they begin to feel more confident attempting more technical pursuits.


Luca taking on the city bustle atop his Maestro Mini. Photo: Khaleeq


Skate Parks and Tech Tricks:

If when you think skateboarding you begin to dream of flowing effortlessly around the skate park hitting every obstacle as you snake your way in and out of the concrete features then our 7.75″ Street Deck is your go to board option. This standard double kick skateboard features a mellow concave that cradles the riders feet but also aids in the journey the learning of flip tricks and more tech related maneuvers.   Measuring in at a pretty standard 32″ long, this skateboard is a perfect way to learn on a board that is similar to the wider boards that a younger rider will eventually grow into. This skateboard has no skill level associated and is a friendly beginner board that is very capable of allowing vast levels of progression without needing to upgrade your equipment.


Navigating the humps and bumps of life is easy atop our 7.75″ Street Deck as shown but our man Jacsen Kutik. Photo: George Patterson



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Grom Patrol: Jacsen Kutik

Grom Patrol: Jacsen Kutik

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 “I first met Jacsen in September at the Overtime Battle Under The Bridge LES skate event. His skating immediately stood out as strong for a guy his size. Jacsen’s dad was skating a YoFace 35″ so we clicked having the Bustin brand in common. 

I started following Jacsen’s skating through his active Instagram account. The second him and his dad expressed interest in our flow program I was all over it.

Jacsen, Curren Atterbury, and Luca Zeolla are all part of Bustin’s increasing commitment to invest in future generations. Stay tuned for more updates on this unique component of our team”

– Rob Rodrigues




Home Town

Syracuse NY

What inspired you to start skating?

I thought it looked like a lot of fun when I saw kids skating at the park. Then on YouTube I saw Chopper from the Osaka Daggers and thought I want to skate like that guy, no rules. 

What is you current set-up? 

Bustin 7.75 deck

Grizzly Grip

Regal Hardware

139 mm Independent hollow trucks

55 mm OJ wheels 101a 

ABEC 9 Bustin bearings

Triple 8 helmet

What do you do when you’re not skating?

I go to school, swim and play video games every once in a while

Do you have a favorite trick?

Fakie to Fakie Disco Flip on a bank or quarter

Crunchy Cheetos or Puffs?

Cheetos all day

Where is your favorite place to skate?

Locally my favorite street spot is Hanover square, it looks really cool and the bricks make it tricky. My favorite local park is Black Mamba, it’s indoors and the people there are always really nice. To travel, FDR is fun and so is LES oh yeah and Heaven in CT.

What was your first board? 

Birdhouse Tony Hawk 7.75 that I covered in stickers. 

In your opinion, what does  it mean to “Skate Everything”?

Skate whatever you want, however you want, on whatever you want, no limits. 


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