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Grand Rapids Urban Downhill Event gets the Green Light for Public Funding

Bustin Boards, Kendall College of Art & Design & Rey Trucks are a presenting sponsors of the first ever State Games of Michigan Urban Downhill Skateboarding event – June 21, 2014.  State Games of Michigan  is a multi-sport, Olympic-style event(s) that welcome athletes regardless of age or ability. The Games embody the values of participation, sportsmanship and healthy living among residents of the state of Michigan.

Facebook Event Page: State Games of Michigan Urban DH

Downhill skateboarding has become a very popular style of skateboarding, but many communities face the challenge of providing safe spots to skate.  Downhill skateboard events lead the way for the longboard community in providing a fun, interactive, relatively safe atmosphere to do what we do best – skate.  Outlaw events are great but often get busted up by the law before they even get going.  Sanctioned events are rad, but can be super expensive to pay for.  State Games of Michigan accepted Downhill Skateboarding as their 40th event of their 5th annual Games, summer 2014.

An Urban Downhill event requires a lot of logistics, and cash flow – which is why we submitted for an events grant from the city.  Downtown Grand Rapids.  Without the support of the presenting sponsors & grants from the city – a $14,000 event is not possible.  Today, the City of Grand Rapids, MI approved a $3000 grant to be spent on marketing & city costs.  The Mayor was present and took a moment to say how awesome he thinks a downhill skateboard event will be in his city.  #respect to Mayor George Heartwell!

The problem we face is the legality of skateboarding while downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We hope the Urban Downhill sanctioned event will be the Trojan Horse promoting change.  Think Forward toward a Greener Grand Rapids, Michigan – support a Green Commuter network.police state

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Bustin Shop of the Week – 4-Ewa

4-Ewa Skateshop on Ewa Beach, Hawaii is a grassroots mobile skate shop operated out of a refurbished VW Bus – Father & Son owned and operated.


Randy & Edward Prowse are immersed in Hawaiian beach culture, travelling to beach events around the island to promote and sell longboards.  The duo has put together quite an impressive flow team to showcase the brands 4-Ewa sells.  Check out their Facebook page, you’ll wish you lived on the Island.



Bustin Shop of the Week!

Bustin’s shop of the week is SLC Longboard Shop in Springfield, Missouri – owned and operated by Sean Melton.  SLC has been down with Bustin for a long time and the shop plays a vital role in the growth of Midwest Longboarding.  SLC Shop is located in the bottom level of a parking garage, super rad!  The locals respect the garage during the daylight hours, earning turns after the sun goes down in the wee hours of the night.  Feng shui. slc shop1slc shopper


SLC is a major player of Thrills on Hills, a rad event hosted by Midwest Longboard Association.  We’re stoked these guys know how to hang a banner, proper!

Thrills on Hills Pic

SLC also gives back to the local community by hosting Slide Clinics.

slc slide clinic

Shop owner, Sean has a cool side project: Drift Biscuit Slide Pucks – Check ‘em out!

slc pucks


Rapid Movement Skateboard Marathon – June15, 2013 – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Rapid Movement Skateboard Marathon - June 15, 2013 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Rapid Movement Skateboard Marathon – June 15, 2013 – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Read about Rapid Movement 2012 here:

Rapid Movement Skateboard Marathon – June 15, 2013 at Millennium Park in Grand Rapids, MI – presented by Blood Sweat Pavement & Bustin Longboards NYC is the most high profile skateboard event to happen in Michigan since the early 90′s.  125 registered participants in 2012 skateboarded for 26 miles around Millennium Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan – marking the most skathletes at a single skateboard competition in Michigan.  The event was hosted to present the idea of Distance Skateboarding to like-minded individuals while offering an incredible race location for experienced skathletes.  Visit the facebook Event Page for details. 

Event Page:

Group Page:







Escape from Grand Rapids 2013, A Push Out of this City!


Snake Pliskin is in town, he is trying to party!  Years of oppression have left Snake with a hot stink on his breathe and bad attitude in his veins.  Snake has one request, to complete a distance push along the White Pine Trail with the Michigan homies. Can you digg it? 13 miles.  MEET: April 13, 4pm – Fish Ladder Park, Downtown Grand Rapids.  Wear an eye patch.