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Gift Packs | The Choice Is Easy

A week before Christmas Eve, and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t done any shopping yet. They say you always find the best deals right before Christmas, so we thought, ‘Why not make it easy for all the shoppers like us?’. Gift Packs are the ticket to easy last minute shopping!

Because winter doesn’t stop us from skating! We made this pack to keep you warm on the hill or in the park in these December days. Afterall, concrete is colder than ever right now.
Included are a New York Skate Everything hoodie, a long sleeve tee with the Rasta Crest (our most popular) graphic, a Bustin beanie and fresh sticker pack. These are normally $140 but right now we’re dropping the price to $100.

Organic is the name of the game. Our organic apparel line was designed to be healthy for you, healthy for the environment, and fully customizable! Included are 5 tees with our most popular graphics! (Skate Everything, Boombox, Capital, No Sleep, Rasta Crest, a Bustin Beanie, and all the stickers you can fit on the neighbor’s bumper).

Going through wheels is the bane of every skater. We designed the Mixed Thane packs to give you a deal and stock your quiver with thane for every situation. The small pack was designed for those who like 70mm wheels and under. (64mm 85a Five-Os, 70mm Five-O Snipers, and 70mm 78a Swifts).

The big brother of the smaller Mixed Thane pack, for those who like they’re wheels on the bigger end of the spectrum. (72mm 80a sideset Five-Os, 70mm Five-O Snipers, and 70mm 82a Swifts).

The necessities of any skater. This pack will stoke out anyone who is lucky enough to fill out their stocking! (Bustin Skate Tool, Bustin beanie, Skanunu bearing lube, Bustin sticker pack).

For the more serious shredder and those with bigger stockings. (Bustin Skate Tool, Bustin beanie, Skanunu bearing lube, Bustin sticker pack, 12″ Vinyl decal, Bustin Abec 9 bearings).

Premium package for your premium friends and family. This gift pack will have you running to the hill in your Christmas PJs. (Bustin Skate Tool, Bustin Beanie, Skanunu bearing lube, Bustin sticker pack, 12″ vinyl decal, and premium Loaded Slide Gloves!)

7 days left! Hopefully you’re not procrastinating as much as I am!


William Royce | Pablo Escobar’s Driveway

South America is notorious for many things; gnarly roads, and Colombia has a history of it’s own.

Will hit Colombia in his South American circuit and, with the help of a local guide, found his way to the top of what was once Pablo Escobar’s private driveway. Our friends over at Gullwing just posted the edit up. Check out Will slashing Mr. Escobar’s driveway here.


Still time for custom boards!

This week is your LAST WEEK to snag a custom deck for you or your loved one and get it in time for Christmas without shelling out for expedited shipping!  Flat rate shipping means that you’ll get the board, trucks, wheels, and all for just $10 anywhere in the U.S. of A.

You didn’t hear it from me, but word on the street is that if you drop $250 or more (a complete and some swag) we’ll toss in a $50 coupon.  Just a little sumtin sumtin from us, to you.

Happy Holidays Shredders.


Which Longboard or Skateboard Should I Buy My Kid?

Customer Question of the Year:  “Do You make longboards for kids?”

GOOD QUESTION!  YES, Bustin designs boards for all styles of riding, skaters young and old.  Not all kids are the same, so we have a few recommendations. Bustin recommends you skate with your kids now, before it is too late.  They grow up fast…

1. Bustin Maestro34 (Maestro Mini)


The MaestroMini is 34 inches in length, and is one of the smaller decks Bustin offers.  The board was designed for smaller riders, with drop-thru truck design and shorter wheelbase than most other Bustin Boards decks.  Maestro34 is kin of Maestro38, Bustin’s #1 selling longboard, M34 was shortened for younger riders.Drop-Thru design means your trucks are fastened to the top of the deck, rather than the bottom like a traditional skateboard.  Most trucks are universal and will be compatible with a drop-thru deck made by Bustin.   Drop-Thru allows the deck to be lower to the ground making it easier for a smaller skater to push their longboard, since kids have short legs.  Kids have a much easier time pushing drop-thru style decks because their legs do not have to stretch as far to touch the ground while pushing.  We also design Drop-Thru decks for LDP, Long Distance Pushing – in 38″, 40″, 42″ length.  Longer deck platform = Greater EFP (Effective Foot Platform).  Deck length preference is different among all Skaters, there is no perfect formula. Top skathletes prefer the lowest possible deck platform for distance skateboarding and races.

2. Bustin Sportster33 (Sportster Mini)

 My next recommendation is Sportster33, the little brother of Sportster36, Bustin’s Top freeride deck.  The Sportster series has deep concave & dropped platform making it the lowest riding deck in Bustin’s lineup.  Deep concave keeps feet locked in while going fast and freeriding, which is all the rage these days.  I recommend the Sportster33 for the kid who is age 10 going on 18.  The kid who drools over longboard photos and wants a deck to grow with over the years.  Sportster & Maestro series are designed for all-around, which is why we make a smaller version for kids.  My wife is 5’2 and prefers Sportster33 for all-around cruising.  My 4 yr old daughter also loves the Bustin Sportster 33.

3. Bustin Modela26 & Bustin Modela33


Some kids are drawn to the single kick-tail board series, we call ours Bustin Modela.  We make 2 length options, Modela26 & Modela33.  You may assume Modela26 is the best for your kid because it is the shortest deck.  That’s not necessarily true.  Modela26 was designed for skateboarders who want tail function on a cruiser deck.  The single kick-tail design allows for the same style of skating as a regular popsicle shape skate deck, with bigger wheels.  The 26 may be one of the more difficult shapes to learn, but also one of the most rewarding boards to learn to skate well.  I recommend Modela33, it is a super fun shape that can be enjoyed by kids and parents for cruising and tricks.

Please note:  You can teach your kid to skate on ANY style of skateboard, it really does not matter that much.  The best recommendation we have is to get your kids on board as early an age as possible to initiate muscle memory.  Skateboarding is good for kids, it promotes brain and muscle growth and is a super fun activity.  Do it.




Holiday Maestro’s are here! – Bustin Boards NYC

But for a limited time only!  These candy-coated monkeys are only around for a limited time, and the stack is getting shorter.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 3.02.52 PM

Artist Colby Snyder has created a fantastically sharp and beautiful graphic that we’re proud to use on our Maestro series of boards, and it just looks fantastic over the fully-coated, curvaceous Maestro family.  Order yours before the season’s over!

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.13.08 PM