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Battle at Boyne Mountain Presented by Action Board Shop

Battle at Boyne Presented by Action Board Shop, Sponsored by Bustin Boards among other industry sponsors was a rager!  Boyne Resorts is the second largest owner of Ski & Golf resorts in the United States.  We have successfully hosted an event on their turf which could mean more events at more ski resorts next year!  Everybody was stoked to play skateboards in the woods for 2 days.  Nobody complained.  Everybody wins!

Now for a little Boyne history lesson: Boyne Resorts was founded by Everett Kircher, Jim Christianson and John Norton in 1947, when a hill in Northern Michigan that was too steep and wooded to farm was sold to the co-founders for $1 by former State Senator Pierson.  A desire to keep his employees on staff between ski seasons led Kircher into golf. A friend suggested that a golf course might attract summer visitors. That was all Kircher needed. Using his father’s ancient Ford farm tractor, he carved out a sporty nine-hole, par-three layout near the Main Lodge. For decades the Hemlock course was a favorite to Boyne Mountain guests and visitors.

Basically, the lesson is together we have created a niche which Mr. Kircher might be interested in.  Originally, he created the Boyne Resort Golf Course to support his staff during the warm months of the year. he created jobs for skiiers.  Downhill skateboarding and Distance Skateboarding is now healthy enough to quantify a reason to design and build gravity sports specific paved courses to be used during the summer time.  Battle at Boyne was hosted on a service road, Whister Longboard Fest is hosted on a resort service road.  Push Culture Family Picnic event series utilized resort roads…

The state of the Skateboard union is the inception of ISF – International Skateboard Federation.  Downhill Skateboarding is regulated by the IDF.  Are ski resorts in the future of recreational skateboarding?  It seems to have happened with Camp Woodward at the hot spots. Street League? State Games of America?  Olympics?

This engine called skateboarding is just starting to rev up, whether some like it or not.

Skateboarding will always be skateboarding, but I am fascinated that we have new options to look forward to!  Thanks Boyne!  Thanks ABS!  Thanks Christian Lefley for the Edit!



Flight Plan. Eddie Henriquez Skates the New Bruno Pro


Skate Your Own Game. Get Your Bruno Pro Here!

Eddie, Invert


The Bruno is an everything deck. Skate it to school, use it on a hill, take it on a flight. It’s up to your inner artist to create what you feel with your skating. It’s all good though.

Eddie's Flight

Eddie Henriquez showed me what he’s been up to with his Bruno Pro. We spent last Saturday  afternoon at Veteran’s skate park in Long Island.

Frontside Air

Serious hang time on a picture perfect day.

Vertical Ascent Vertical Ascent! Check out the curves on that deck.

Kickflip IndieThrowback – Eddie nails a kickflip indie grab on the YoFace 32 earlier this year.

“If it’s paved, if it’s concrete. It’s a pathway, a playground. Do your own thing with it.”

— Kenny Collins





Bruno PRO Bruno Sirera Pro Model – Video and Contest

On August 15th we’ll be releasing the new, high-flying, skate everything BrunoPRO board to your favorite shops worldwide. Bruno Sirera is the hammer dropping on style barriers around the world. We crafted this board to help Bruno break the laws of physics, defy gravity, blow minds in the process and skate every curve Mother Earth has to offer. Follow along as Bruno continues to forge his path in Paris with the help of PerroPro.

WIN THIS DECK!!! To celebrate the launch, we’re giving away TWO DECKS exclusively to our YouTube Subscribers.  To enter just watch the video on YouTube and click the SUBSCRIBE button. We will contact the winners on August 22nd. Go here now —->

Bruno the Kid has been turning heads for years with his innovative, flowing and effortless style. From the moment he stepped into our Brooklyn shop in 2010, we knew it was only a matter of time before he would be riding a pro-model designed just for him. As his style developed more flip-tricks, he transitioned from the Robot and Boombox of yesteryear, to the double kicked YoFace 39. In 2013, with his own oversized blend of our YoFace board, he took on Spain, Cali, China and (needless to say), New York City and showed the world what a 39″ skateboard is capable of. This year, a more sophisticated, high-flying, free-range style required a more refined, smaller board with the same hyper-skateboard feel and pop. We are stoked to release the 34″ double-kick BrunoPRO adorned with a painting of Bruno’s hometown in Spain by artist David Goode Hill.
More details will be available on August 15th, but here are some key specs to line up those setups:
33.5″ Long
8.5″ Wide
16.25″ Wheelbase
.375″ Concave
6.75″ Nose
6.25″ Tail
Laid up with 100% Canadian Maple right here in USA.

Bustin Boards: Jonas Richter HydroPRO winners are announced!

Time has come and the winners have been contacted! Congratulations to Jeremiah Griffin and Erik Mueller, you’ll have a new HydroPRO ThermoCarbon in your hands shortly. Thanks to everyone who subscribed and entered! Keep an eye out for something new coming your way.

The new Hydro Deck... fresh out of the oven.

The new Hydro Deck… fresh out of the oven.


NYC Streets Summer Highlights

SkatePhone Video Mashup

Bombing Hills, Taking Spills, Get’n Back Up, Going Big, Technical Madness, Pushing Hard & Just Plain Silliness.


Bustin clips compilation with; Eddie Henriquez, Jesse whalen, Andy Millien, Dave Anders, Prince Lang, DeJaune Jones, Steven Vera, Jonas Richter, Dave Aparicio, Will Royce, Max Ballesteros, Kiefer Dixon & Clark Patrick. Guest appearances; Pete Betti & Scott Schilling.


The Bronx Bomber Gets a Little Banged Up

DeJaune Jones at I Love Downhill.

DeJaune Jones at I Love Downhill.

DeJaune Jones was upstate at the Munnsville Gravity Festival last weekend. He had a bad run in with a guard rail and wound up in a Syracuse hospital with a couple of broken ribs and some other injuries.  Big D is in some pain but he’s being released and coming home to the Bronx this Friday.

An extra special thanks to Annie Klingos for staying by DeJaune’s side and looking out for him while he’s hospitalized.

Heal up and get well soon DeJaune.


Bustin Pro DH Crew in NYC

Max Ballesteros, Jonas Richter & Will Royce.

Max, Jonas & Will.

Max Ballesteros, Jonas Richter and Will Royce all rolled through town this summer. They spent time hanging with the Bustin Family before heading up to Windham mountain for I Love Downhill.

Max, Jonas and RobRod did a crazy Manhattan night skate with Bustin Boards founder, Ryan Daughtridge. On a shady quest to meet up with some random dude and get Jonas a new iPhone. The phone worked and we all wound up at Wahoo’s Taco in midtown.



Max, Niko & Jonas coming off the final left in the final run.

Max, Niko & Jonas coming off the final left in the final run.

Max took first place at I love Downhill. Jonas took third and Royce fourth. The entire weekend was a blast, so much fun that the Bustin team accidentally walked into the wrong bed & breakfast and spent the night there. There was no attendant, a few empty rooms that night and some upset guests the next morning. Opps, Sorry About That.


August is looking good too. Moore fun times.

I’ll leave you with this famous quote —

“I care about my skating. I don’t care what you think about my skating.”

— Kenny Collins