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Bruno the Pro

Bruno the Kid has been killing the game for years now – he first joined our ranks skating the Maestro Mini and his freeriding style led him to first the Robot, and then the Boombox.  By then it was clear that Bruno’s style and skill warranted a pro-model deck catered just to him.  The first iteration of the Bruno Pro was a large double kicked board – the Yoface 39.  Since then as his skating technique has continued to develop into a faster, snappier style his prototypes have gotten smaller and more reminiscent of classic pool shapes. Continue reading


Will Royce Reflects on the Philippine’s Longboard Scene

Back in California 

“Some of the phillipinos where wondering why
I didn’t bring my leathers for the Philippine’s IDF race and its because I saw video of the race track from last year and noticed that it was a no sliding, full tuck race course is not really my strong point. Then we arrived at the race and I was shocked by the technicality of the NEW track. Fast, scary and lots of slides. I’m hoping they have it on the same road next year so I can come back and compete.”

Royce Philippines 2

“With that being said:
‪#‎chilippines2k15‬ had everything you could ever desire on a Skatecation, camping in hammocks with 300 of your best friends on the most beautiful beaches in the world was something out of a dream. Waking up at sunrise to go skate every day was magical. Just like the islands themselves. The events on the Islands where the most well organized, best put together extremely fun and on point events that I have ever attended. They have a well balanced number of events mixing it up between racing a lots of freeride days. Completely Run by skaters who party with you every night and are there with you every morning when you wake up trying to help everyone out in any way possible. Don’t have food, they will feed you. Lost your bag, they will help you find it. Need a hammock, someone will give one to you. They want nothing in return besides a few photos with you and all the stickers you can give them oh yea and also maybe some wheels if you have extra. It’s been an amazing trip and I can’t thank everyone enough for everything you helped me with.
As I got on the plane and sat down for takeoff I thought to myself, if this plane crashes, I’ll die happy. I have never felt that way before in my life. I can’t imagine not returning next year see you in the future Philippines and don’t forget I WUV YOU!”

Find out about the the RoycePRO – Hollocore.


Bethesda Boards – Featured Shop of the Week !

kaare and big sign

Bethesda Boards out in Maryland, Is one of my favorite shops in the world. The guys who run the shop, Kaare and Tyson, really care about the local skate community and I’m super happy to call these dudes my friends.

I started working with them about a year ago, and since then, I’ve seen them hook kids up with a rad place to hang out, and they carry all the best Bustin gear all year round! These dudes keep it real and they’re in it for the fun of it. All it takes is one visit and you’ll be back time and time again for good music, great conversations, and bad ass gear!

Eric Shrike

Bethesda Boards host a bunch local events, and they really take care of all the young skaters in their area. But this past year Bethesda had a run-in with the local government. The city council made them take their giant skateboard sign off their building, charged them with butt load of fees, and basically took them to court… over a sign. ( An awesome sign )

small sign

Kaare and Tyson vowed to leave the sign up unless the city agreed to build a skate park for the kids in Bethesda! Their giant sign was symbolic of the growing skateboard community in Bethesda, but due to the severe legal pressure the city was putting on the boys, they had to take it down.  The boys at Bethesda put up a tiny version of their giant sign, and to me it really hit home. Do the big wigs really have nothing better to do than harass a local small business about their sign?

Kaare town board

The case wound up going all the way to the supreme court, and in the end…. The boys at Bethesda Boards won! Their big beautiful sign is up, and the local skate community loves it! Skaters – 1 : The Man – 0

big sign up

Right on guys! This past year was amazing, and It’s just the first of many successful seasons for Bethesda Boards! If your ever in the area, stop by for a great time, and check out the best selection of Bustin Boards in the area!

Bethesda Scooters and Boards

4825 Fairmont Ave
Bethesda, Maryland

Check them out on Facebook


NCDH – Downhill Skateboard Race at Mt. Jefferson


Beast coast riders will be heading south this weekend to confederate territory to hit up the first sanctioned DH race in North Carolina.  Mt Jefferson, where the race will be held, is a gnarly course not for the faint of heart.

There are still a few slots open at the time of this writing – so if you’ve got the gaul – put your money where your mouth is and get yourself registered.


From NCDH -

The NC mountains are about to host its first organized downhill skateboard race at Mt Jefferson State Natural area in West Jefferson, North Carolina. The event will be held on April 18th & 19th, 2015 with a practice day and skatepark competition on Saturday and the Downhill Race on Sunday. Food and refreshments will be available on Race day for racers and spectators as well as camping conveniently located near the course.

The track is a two mile long, closed road with pristine pavement, steep straights, meanering chicanes, and tight sweepers that will challenge riders at speeds in excess of 50mph. With registration riders will receive a swag bag which includes an event shirt.

The top three racers will be rewarded with a $1000 purse. Helmet, gloves and leathers will be required to race. A shuttle system will be used shuttling from the parking lot at the old Lowe’s Food for all participants, volunteers, spectator and park visitors for the day.

Handicap parking will be available in the park for those with disabilities. For inquiries, contact us at


Bustin Boards Retailer of the Week: Sun and Snow Sports – Plymouth, Michigan

Bob and Nancy Parent originally owned a roller rink/skate park when they realized there was more potential to embrace the action sports lifestyle. In 1971 they opened Sun and Snow. Ever since then, they have catered to the outdoor and action sports culture hosting a series of events whether it be sun, or snow oriented. The shop offers everything you need for skiing, snowboarding, longboarding, swimming or just hanging out on the beach”

“It is our mission to generate hype for action sports in the community getting everyone involved as often as we can. We like to have fun, seriously. We also offer a wide variety of rentals, including longboards.”


Sun and Snow Sports has a rad staff! Everyone who works there has a passion for what they do. Longboard, slackline, discgolf, skateboard, ski, snowboard, hike, surf and paddle. They do it all, especially in terms of longboarding/skateboarding making the staff some of the most knowledgeable around. Ask for Mike, Andy, Scott, Kyle, Evan or Andrew for anything skate related and if they don’t have it, they’ll will do their best to get it.

“We are stoked to announce that we will be hosting our first ever push race! Not all details have been ironed out yet so be sure to follow us on IG and Fb to stay updated. (@sunandsnowsports). The event will be on the 12th of September and it will be held at Rolling Hills Park in Ypsilanti Mi.”

bustin gnar

In the past 2 years, Sun and Snow hosted an event called Kick Butt. The goal is to get everyone out in teams of four on longboards and skateboards to compete on who can collect the most trash. Within those two years, they have collected over 4,000lbs of litter thus helping the image of skaters and our community shine! The shop will be hosting two more Kick Butt events this summer with the first one at the end of May and last at the end of August. (details to come)


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