2016 Holiday Buyers Guide: Push Series

2016 Holiday Buyers Guide: Push Series

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The very essence behind skating is the use of self propulsion via a vehicle that takes the ordinary act of transportation and makes it into an extraordinary experience. We here at Bustin have been working hard since our conception to craft a proper skateboard built solely to simplify daily commutes by developing specific design elements engineered for this sole purpose. After nearly fifteen years, we have come up with multiple shapes that fall into this criteria of skating that often gets overlooked by many board designs on the market today. Below we will break down the various boards found in our Bamboo-X Push Series and will briefly explain a few key features and the functional rationalization as to why they were included.


David Anders putting his Sportster through the motions. Photo: Khaleeq

The Spliff
The 2016 Spliff is a reincarnation of one of our classic shapes that was developed as a small, agile board to allow easy and efficient pushing through the streets of Brooklyn and beyond. Measuring in at 31″ long and 9″ wide with a forward camber design makes for a comfortable pushing platform that still allows for tight carves when whipping in and out of traffic on your daily commute.  Weighing in as one of our smaller push models, this board is easily stowed on the bus, in a locker, or in your trunk making this the perfect sized stashable shred sled.


This years Sportster may be the greatest version of this city smashing machine that we have produced to date featuring a combination of bamboo and maple construction that really helps bring this board to life underneath its riders feet. A slight radial drop leading into a rockered riding platform lowers this skateboard making it closer to the ground creating a confidence inspiring stability as well as maximizing the motion produced from each push. A radial concave throughout helps to gently hug the riders feet without impeding any foot placements adjustments for kicking out slides or dodging unexpected pedestrians.


Designed to be the ultimate for commuting as well as pursuits in the long distance push realm, the Nomad is a game changer for anyone looking to push rather than pollute. A symmetrical double drop design capitalizes on the benefits of lowering the riders center of gravity while still providing the “locked in” feeling desired by many of todays skaters. Coming in at 36″ long and 9″ wide, this board has all the length you need without any excess material making this board light and responsive without impeding any needed quick directional changes along the way.

Maestro Mini

This pint sized pusher was developed not just for our younger, smaller riders out there but also for anyone who is ready to get super shreddy without the commitment to a larger board. Measuring in at only 33″ long and 8.5″ wide and featuring a fully functional nose and tail, this board is ready to blend barriers and allow you to spice up your daily commute with ollies and manuals that will open up new doors of possibilities.

Maestro 6

A revolutionary shape that quickly became our flagship skateboard, this forward cambered board provides a comfortable pushing platform that helps to maximize the momentum generated out of each push. Designed to whip its rider in and out of crowded NYC streets, a flowy element is easily recognizable once any amount of time has been spent atop this commute killer. Weighing in at 37″ long and 9″ wide,  this board is big enough to positively effect your push but still small enough that it still retains a very fun and playful element.

Maestro Pro

A first cousin to both the Maestro Mini and Maestro 6, this skateboard takes the two and combines many of their best features to create a hybrid commuting experience. The mellow concave plus fully functional symmetrical nose and tails makes this board perfect for flat ground shenanigans as you blast through city blocks. Coming in at 39.7″ long and 9.22″ wide, this design was constructed to allow its captain the chance at experiencing rapid transit with full lurk capabilities during the wait between switching buses or trains.


All skateboards have the inert ability to transport their rider from “Point A” to “Point B” but we as a company composed of daily skateboarders know that certain design elements deliver clear advantages during these pursuits. With this philosophy in mind, every board in this series was designed, constructed, and guaranteed to deliver unparalleled performance For All Who Push. If this Holiday you are looking for the quickest, coolest, and most convenient way to get around your local piece of concrete jungle, we got your back on the most (fun)ctional push boards on the market today.


There is no snaking Kiefer’s barrel as he pushes his way into priority as King of the Peak. Photo: Khaleeq

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A Perfect Day With Rachelle

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Samsung Galaxy’s: A Perfect Day features Bustin Team Rider, Rachelle Vinberg.

Rachelle is a busy girl on the rise. Check out some of her other recent media projects.

Click here to see her featured on the Free People Blog. – “The Kids Are Alright: Meet Rachelle”

Click here to see our girl earlier this year in “That One Day” – A short film staring Rachelle and about her skate crew in NYC

Click to checkout the entire Bustin Boards lineup now.Click to checkout the entire Bustin Boards lineup now.

Follow Bustin’s Street Crew on InstaGram


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Graphic Mash-up: Maestro Pro & Maestro Mini

Graphic Mash-up: Maestro Pro & Maestro Mini

Posted by on Nov 27, 2016 in News

All weekend long we have been posting pictures on our FB and Insta of our very Limited Edition Graphic Mash-up boards that were inspired by the desire to combine artistic elements of our past with the new board technology from our current line up. Earlier we introduced the limited run of Sportsters featuring our retro “Space Skull” graphic and now we are stoked to take a closer look at both the Maestro Pro and Maestro Mini build outs that we are offering!



Both of these Maestro variations is meant for serious city mobbing, campus crushing, or any other shred missions that involve covering ground quickly. Fully functional nose and tails make these machines manual friendly as well as opens up the realm of trickery possibilities. The Maestro Pro is borrowing an old graffiti inspired graphic from a Maestro of years past on top of a Camouflage Artist Finish giving this board an outdoorsy vibe that only further encourages shred-ventures. The Maestro Mini is rocking the ever popular “Fly By Night” graphic atop a set of the limited edition Purple Five-O Sniper shred slippers giving the rider colorful confidence as they slash drive ways, side walks, and their local roadways.



Don’t sleep on your chance to own a one of a kind piece of Bustin history because when this weekend is over, so is the opportunity to snag up one of these bad boys!

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Box of Stoke

Box of Stoke

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Black Friday bargain hunting can be an opportunity to snag up specific items at usually unavailable rates but it also can mean sensory overload for those trying to sift through an assortment of “Sale” advertisements. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the shredder in your life, this particular problem is all to real since each skaters personal preferences have such a wide variance range. This is where the Box of Stoke from us here at Bustin Boards comes to the rescue giving you the opportunity to still provide a tangible gift under the tree while giving the freedom to the skater to dial in and design their own personal set-up on our website.



The Box of Stoke is a killer SWAG Package (A $50 total value that we are hooking you up with for only $20)  that perfectly complements an included gift card that can be redeemed on our website for any skateboard or skateboard accessory. The gift card value can be set based upon on how far up Santa’s  “Good List” the recipient falls allowing for the perfect personalized purse to be determined then distributed to all.  If you are feeling over whelmed trying to keep the skater in your life rolling this Holiday Season, you are guaranteed to help keep their stoke flame lit by making sure there is a Bustin Box of Stoke waiting for them under the tree!

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Not Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Matt Toohey Back on the Rise

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We recently started bringing Philly Street Skater and college student Matt Toohey into the Bustin Family as part of our expanding NorthEast team. He was injured earlier this year but has just been given the ok to start skating again. We are looking forward to having him back at full strength soon and pairing him up with our media crew for future projects. Bustin Loves Philly.

Checkout below a few Matt Facts and his pre-injury Retro Flava video part.

School: Art Institute of Philadelphia
Major: Photography
Degree: Bachelor
Surgery to Repair: Torn acl and both meniscus
How I got injured: I was skating a gap warming up with an ollie thought I was going to hit the end of the gap. When I bailed and landed on the end of the gap with my knee turned the other way, my knee popped. Next stop was the emergency room.

Small Print

Bustin Street Crew is the renegade street sect of Bustin Boards. Born out of the Bustin YoFace double kick series of decks, a crew of core street skaters coalesced in the five boroughs of New York City and have since started spreading their stoke in other cities and growing a global community. Like minded “Skate Everything & Have Fun” people that rally around the entire Bustin Brand Vision. Check us out at bustinboards.com (online) and @bustinstreetcrew (Instagram).


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Five-O Sniper Limited Tints

Five-O Sniper Limited Tints

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Variety is the flavor of life and this time of year often involves indulging in a wide assortment of eatery’s and activities with family and loved ones. We got to thinking about this and honestly knew that we had to bring a new entree to the table this holiday season to share with the shred community out there who has helped make us thankful for so many things this past year. To accomplish this, we put on our aprons and grabbed our oven mitts as we got down and dirty in “Kitchen de Bustin” whipping up some tastey new treats for all y’all to enjoy. When the timer dinged its final chime signaling that our shred inspired casserole dish was complete, the resulting delicacy exceeded even our best expectations and we are beyond amping to present four new limited edition flavors of 70mm FiveO Snipers thane.

purp red

teal yellow

These new color ways are the gravy on top of the already delicious mashed potatoes that are our existing 70mm Sniper wheels as they deliver the same expected performance with a little extra flavor flare added in for good measure. We could not wait to throw a set of these bad boys on our personal set up and head for the hills to test them out which is exactly what we did Thanksgiving morning before heading back to the Bustin Skate House to feast. Lets just say that these limited edition Snipers are perhaps the best pre-meal appetite enhancement known to man as they granted us the freedom to fearlessly fight friction every time we went to kick them out slideways. The colored dye serves only to exponentially increase the “Steez Factor” of your whip while sacrificing nothing in the performance realm. Make sure you hurry up and snag a set of these bad boys for your self because just like Grandma’s pumpkin pie, this may be your only chance to get some while the gettin’ is good.


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