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The Maestro Again? – Bubbles Bustin Blog

You may have already seen photos, you my not, so here you go…






Either way, the Maestro PRO has gotten a make over.  It’s redundant to say at this point, but the Maestro PRO is our bread and butter.  We took the board that put us on the map, the Maestro, and have over the years, touch by touch, evolved it into the beauty now known as the Maestro PRO.  The classic Maestro is still available, don’t fret fan-boys and girls.  However, as we’ve grown over the past few years as skaters, we’ve tried to take the Maestro (then the Maestro Fiberglass, the V2, and now the Maestro PRO) along with us.

bustin-maestro-pro-longboard-thermoCarbon-spec (1)

For 2014 we rediscovered how to bond wood with our ThermoCarbon and ThermoGlass layups in the new Sportster, Boombox, and Ratmobile shapes.  So it was only a matter of time before the elder child get equal treatment.  Of course, the Maestro needed that extra little bit of flair so we used weed in the middle plies!  Ok it’s not weed, but it’s bright and green and swag-tastic.  For a full low-down on the ThermoCarbon and ThermoGlass processes clicky the linky.

‘Til next time kiddies!


Sportster 33″ Review – Silverfish Longboarding – Bustin Longboards NYC

“… not a deck just for the groms – [the Sportster 33″ is] for anyone looking for an ultra compact, super low, nimble ride that has quite a bit of character to it.”

The good people over at have blessed us with a solid, well-rounded review of our brand new Sportster 33″ deck!  Head on over and check it out for their full thoughts.


Board Porn – Bustin Boards Undressed

We like to think that every board is pretty.  From the graphic, to the cut and the shape, and the grip tape, each and every skateboard deck aspires to at least one person’s idea of beauty.  In this installment of Bubbles’ Bustin Blog we got the Bustin decks to strip down out of their pretty illustrations and finishes, to get a look at the beauty behind the boards.  Raw, naked, and uniquely beautiful, we’re proud to present: The Bustin Boards!

The Ibach 37 struts it's double-drop

The Ibach 37 struts it’s double-drop

First up we have the Ibach 37.  Sporting a double-dropped platform along with tubby concave and just a touch of w in the middle, this sexy classic has been turning heads ever since it’s complete make-over early in 2013.  The new crescent shaped drop gives this vixen it’s curvy look while maintaining a classic straight rail.

The 2014 Ratmobile; sexy, simple, elegant

The 2014 Ratmobile; sexy, simple, elegant

Time for your close-up

Time for your close-up

For this season, the ever popular Ratmobile has very subtly changed everything.  The previous simple rocker / concave shape was scrapped and replaced with a new, innovative, flux-cave design which evolves the concave continuously from tip to tail, meaning that throughout the board you’ll experience grip and concave in ways you’ve never dreamed of, while feeling at home anywhere on the deck.  Let the Ratmobile show you how classic can still feel so new!

New to the scene, but still happy to bare all, the Boombox 38"

New to the scene, but still happy to bare all, the Boombox 38″

This little spit-fire came off of the drawing board, out of our heads, and into the world like a whirlwind!  The allure of a smaller Boombox from our fans, the anticipation from our team during development, and the hype that’s been building around this deck since the first couple landed in NYC has lead to a Boombastic response to it’s release.  No surprise that this little double-kick has no fear of judgment, no photo-shop needed, natural beauty at it’s best!

Fresh on the line this winter, the Ratarang

Fresh on the line this winter, the Ratarang

Brand new and hitting the streets hard this spring, the Ratarang is one sharp, sleek, mean piece of wood that you don’t want to take home to mom and dad… just everywhere else.  Don’t let the sharp features fool you, this beauty is just as ready to slash and spin and ride sideways as it is ready to crush that hill that used to look so scary.  Just make sure you stay on it’s good side…

Check out these gorgeous decks along with the rest of the line-up (we couldn’t drop that many nudes at once!) on our board finder to find out what they’ll be decked out in this season!



The feature feature – DomebleU

Concave.  Thats what it very frequently comes down to.  Who knew that the part of your body that gets stepped on all day long, could be the most sensitive, the most in tune to slight changes in what they feel.  Whether you’re slamming on the rail into a pre-drift, sticking your toe into the pocket to grip a turn, or hoping and praying your feet don’t move while you bust that 100 ft slide; concave matters.

Something that we’re particularly proud of this past fall and going into the 2014 is our new, innovative, DomebleU concave.  We took the idea of traditional w-concave; the goal being to provide arch support and locational reference on your board, and took a new look at it.  More often than not we found that other w-cave tends to cramp the foot when you stand directly over it, which is no good for mild riding, cruising, or anything for that matter.  While it does give your foot plenty of reference in tuck or freeride stance, if you’re not using it, it feels uncomfortable.

What we did to address this is to maintain roughly the same height as traditional w-cave but over a broader footprint.  Meaning that the shape of the W goes almost to the rail while being incorporated into the rest of the concave.  This gives you all the benefit of W concave, without any of the discomfort in your feet.  Check it!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.33.47 AM

Sexy DombleU in the BGDK

Alright kids, thats all for now!  Let us know if theres a particular board feature you’d like to see featured and I’ll see you next week!



Bustin Presents: The Ratarang – Ratman’s New Whip

New, from Bustin Boards, the must have for all the young and daring caped crusaders out there; the Ratarang!  No utility belt is complete without this wildly rotating, twin tipped, hill slasher.  Whether Freeride, Downhill, or plain ole’ Vigilante justice is your game, the Ratarang is a must have.


We’ve taken the elliptical w shape that we introduced to the world in our 2013 Ibach, pushed it down to a super mild .1″ and cradled it into a slightly rockered deck amidst some tasty .68″ concave in order to create a gentle bed for your feet.  Throw in some ample .73″ wheel flares on either side and you’re left with more pockets than your grandma’s overcoat!  (what just my grandma?)

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 10.38.11 AM

A quick aside as we turn the board on it’s side, you’ll notice the board seems to peak in the middle, despite the taper.  No it’s not an optical illusion, we actually added just a touch of increased concave in the middle!  “WHY THE MIDDLE?!?!?!” you say?  Try and flex the board… I’ll wait… that’s why.  With an added change in concave through the deck, we’ve taken an already stiff layup and made it stiffer, with no added weight.  And the change is so mild and so out of the way, you’re feet won’t know the difference unless you tell them.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 10.51.02 AM

While we are super excited about this new weapon of choice, we only had time to make a limited run of 100 in time for the holidays, of which we sold 20 YESTERDAY!  So if you need a new, limited run deck this holiday season, tell Santa he can find it in the Rat Cave.

Happy holidays and happy shredding from everyone here at Bustin!