The Bustin Shrike with Toti Bicicleta and Perropro

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(Watch on YouTube instead –

Starting from the ground up, we sourced the think tank of our team riders and flow team and began designing a board to continue our #SkateEverything mentality. The goal was to create something that could be used in our home on the streets of NYC, all the way out to the hills and mountains of CA, and everywhere in between. The Shrike (or the Mystery Model as it was known for the majority of it’s development) is born of the collective desire to skate, developed using high detail rendering and molding, and presented to the world ready to take on anything.

Bustin Shrike Images

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Skater Dater (1965)

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There comes a times in every boy and girl’s life when attraction to the same and/or opposite sex overcomes passion for hobbies.  The first film ever produced about skateboarding, Skaterdater (1965), tells a story with no dialogue.

A group of boy skaters are suddenly at a point when one of the boys sees a young girl, and becomes interested in her. This causes a rift with the other boys, who challenges him to a skating duel that goes down a hilly street.

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Episode 2 – ‘A Portuguese Adventure’ – It’s weird

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Episode 2 of our popular new ‘A Portuguese Adventure’ series is now live and what can we say, it’s weird.  In classic form, our spanish idols Perropro, Bruno and Toti have done it again;  managed to make us ask both “how the f do you skate like that” and “where the f do you come up with these scenes?”  And that is truly the beauty of a Perropro film.

Sit back and enjoy the latest episode by clicking right here –

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Clark Patrick on the Shrike – Bustin Roots Team

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Clark Patrick is an up and coming Roots Team rider from Ohio with lots of style and dedication.  He’s an ultra creative skater and has found a comfortable home on the new Shrike Deck.  Here is a video he made while helping us prototype some of the early editions of the boards and, as you can see, he can really putting a beating on it.

Thanks Clark!  Keep killin’ it out there!

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A Portuguese Adventure, Part I – Perropro, Toti & Bruno Do It Again

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‘A Portuguese Adventure, Part 1 is LIVE.  Watch the full episode here –

Bruno Longboarding Portugal

‘For All Who Push’, our new brand statement at, is designed to celebrate creative skaters, artists, musicians and activists around the world. In keeping, we put together this journey through Portugal on skateboards with three of the most talented artists we know. Join two of Bustin most famous Pro Skateboards, Bruno Sirera Sorondo and Toti Bicicleta, with filmmaker Perropro as they explore the skate-able habitats of one of Europe’s oldest countries.

‘A Portuguese Adventure’ is comprised of four episodes. The release schedule will be:
Episode 1 – May 15
Episode 2 – May 22
Episode 3 – May 29
Episode 4 – June 5

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