Max Ballestreos & Friends: Swiss Alps. 2016 (VIDEO)

Max Ballestreos & Friends: Swiss Alps. 2016 (VIDEO)

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in News, Video

After the Euro Tour team rider Max Ballesteros joined fellow skaters Pepe Laporte, Patrick Switzer and the Utah Slut City crew for some fun freeride sessions in Switzerland. Sleeping under the stars and surviving baguettes, the boys encountered some new amazing roads and some old classics, and took full advantage of the perfect weather on the Swiss Alps. Join them for the ride and see what it’s like to skate down miles of crazy curved descents!

Video: Pepe Laporte and Patrick Switzer

Edit: Max Ballesteros

Song: José González – This Is How We Walk On The Moon

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(VIDEO) “William Royce: Skate Everything” by Brett Novak

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016 in News, Video

Bustin Boards is proud to present the premier video collaboration between legendary filmmaker Brett Novak and the skate everything talents of William Royce. Shot recently in some of the most uniquely diverse terrain Southern California has to offer, this video is a reminder that skateboarding has no rules and no boundaries. Whether you’re smashin’ down mountain roads or flippin’ your shit at a local D.I.Y. spot, it’s all skateboarding and it’s everything you want it to be. Get some!!!!

#SkateEverything #forallwhopush

Film & Edit: Brett Novak

Follow-Car Footage: Alberto “Perropro” Alepuz

Producer: Marcus Bandy

Music: “Bradycardia” by Cullah


A couple of behind the scenes pics from the making of this video:

Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_2 (1 of 1) Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_3 (1 of 1)

Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_7 (1 of 1)Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_4 (1 of 1)

Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_1 (1 of 1)Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_5 (1 of 1) Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_6 (1 of 1) Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_8 (1 of 1) Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_9 (1 of 1)

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Welcome to the Team – Brad Parker (Video)

Welcome to the Team – Brad Parker (Video)

Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in News, Video

We are stoked to welcome Brad Parker of the #Gnaratz to the Bustin Boards Team. Brad is from Long Beach, California and a D.I.Y. building maniac with a distinct style of skateboarding that is totally raw, way rugged, and fully rad! Brad also rides for Paris Truck Co. and he skates everything including downhill, street, bowls, ditches, and whatever else crosses his path—just the way it should be! Brad has also been featured on the covers, and within the pages, of numerous skateboarding magazine including Wheelbase, Confusion, CW, and a few others.

Anyway, please enjoy this video welcoming Brad Parker to the Bustin Boards team, featuring a D.I.Y. build and session way out in the middle of the Southern California desert. Stay tuned for more videos coming from Brad featuring DIY builds, ripping skating, and other such radness. Signature board too? All signs point to: Hell Yes!

Follow Brad on insta at @gnarlivin

Film: Marcus Bandy.
Edit: David Ruano.
Music:Friends Like These” by Sweet Reaper.

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Pearse D’Arcy – Down For The Ride

Posted by on Mar 8, 2016 in Bubbles Blog, News, Video

Have you ever wondered – “WHAT ARE THOSE CRAZY KIDS THINKING THROWING THEMSELVES DOWN MOUNTAINS?!?!?!” – Bustin Team Rider Pearse D’Arcy gives a little insight to the mindset he gets in when he hits the hill.  It’s not something you can easily put to words – the incredible juxtaposition of community and competition.  Check it out!

Down For The Ride – hung out with Downhill Skateboarder Pearse D’Arcy and captured him doing what he loves to do most, in some of the most beautiful places in Ireland.

Camera – Sean Gallagher
Camera and Drone – Joe Van Velzen
Camera – Hector Gomez

Music by Nicholas Kattar –

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