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Central Park Race Day

written by Rob Rodrigues June 20, 2016

The NYC Push Community is going strong. The CP Race, New York City’s second most notorious race reminds skaters of the importance of unity.


The 20th annual Central Park Race went down in smooth fashion in NYC last Saturday.

The race was followed by two more events, The Skate Everything Project: Manhattan and The 5 Bomber w/a Dirty Start.

Check out photo highlights and results from the day.


His sixth Central Park Race victory and way ahead of the pack, Bustin Team Rider Kiefer Dixon battles it out with Kyle Yan in the final stretch before the finish line.


The NYPD strolling by and watching Bustin Team Rider, Ian Robinson cross the line for a third place finish.


Claudia Clase took first place in the women’s division.


A man of speed and few words, Kiefer Dixon spoke more on the podium this year than I’ve ever heard before.


The starting line was the only thing that blocked pedestrian traffic and may have gotten some negative attention. It takes about 45 seconds for everyone to line up and start the race.


The Shralper’s Union plays a key role at NYC push events. Head Shralper, Ray Korman was on hand to keep his lost son’s vision alive. “High Fives and Positive Vibes”

Skate Everything Manhattan Project

For All Who Push

Just after the CP Race ended a giant posse skated downtown through the streets and showed up at Ghost Skate and Bustin’s Skate Everything Project.


Bustin’s Ian Robinson took Best Trick at Skate Everything Project


Leon Vincent-Vialva (right) – First Place Slalom Race.


Kyle Yan won the Drag Race.

Having multiple events throughout a day or weekend gives skaters a big reason to come together in New York City and get stoked out on each other, have fun, and enjoy the city as a skate obstacle course. Bustin Boards will be supporting as many local events possible through its Skate Everything Project Global Initiative.



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