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Central Park Race!! This weekend

written by TeamBustin June 1, 2009

If you dont know yet, then you are out of the loop.   This weekend on Saturday the 6th, the Central Park Race kicks off.  Sources are saying that almost 250 riders are already signed up.  I dont know if I believe that, but I want to!  Be there, bring yor safety gear and race hard.

If you need anything for this event, hit us up.  We have a pretty full stock of bearings and wheels that might give you an advantage.  Ha, who am I kidding, if you didnt train, you arent placing no matter waht bearings you have.  Hope your ready.  I know Host, King, the Twins, Theseus, Prince, JoJo, Steez, Micku and the other Bustin crazies are.  Oh I forgot…Kaspar.  You know he is always in the front running.  Good luck everyone and look back here for a full, in depth recap of the whole event.  Cant wait to see you guys out there!  Cheers.


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Orlando Mendez June 3, 2009 at 12:05 am

I didn’t know about a sign up. I have my own gear and all but can you send me information about the sign up because i would love to participate.


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