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Central Park Race top finishers

written by Mike June 23, 2009

The conditions were beautiful for the Central Park Race and the top finishers completed the 6.5 mile loop with record times. Kaspar earned his crown again setting a 22 minute pace slightly ahead of last year’s top finisher Cory Wilder. Rat Rod Rider Mark Schaperow pushed strong for a notable 3rd place finish. The energy and respect at the finish line was strong. The city skaters shared moments and breathed heavy and watched the group complete the race. 100 plus riders attempted to be New York City’s finest race around the notorious Central Park Loop marking another successful year for city speed skating.

-mike dallas


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Mark Schaperow June 26, 2009 at 2:31 pm

Yo Dallas……. Good lookin on the recognition with the central park race…. 2009! glad to see that some people still include 3rd place. but either way, keep up the great effort…. and the trip is just inches away from the start!


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