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Charming the Incline Club (R.I.P.)

written by Josh Dunn January 8, 2018

The East Coast has been absolutely freezing recently making outdoor skating more than just a challenge but almost a direct test of the human will. This paired up with the tragic news that the legendary Incline Club Skate Park was being forced to shut its doors at the end of 2017 was more than enough to get a few members from Team Bustin motivated for a mini indoor skate park road trip. A couple of us mobbed the Incline Club for a farewell session and then made our way to Baltimore to hit up the iconic Charm City Skate Park to round out the shred-fest.

Indoor skate parks are essential for cold weather months so make sure you support Charm City or you local indoor park to help ensure they can service our community for a long time to come!  A big thanks goes out to Incline and Charm City for the hospitality and we wish everyone at Incline nothing but the best as they prepare a new route into the future.


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