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Check out Bustin on Core 77

written by TeamBustin October 10, 2008

Core 77, a major Design Magazine and Forum, has featured our Complex on their Homepage!  This forum is used by many of the world’s top design firms and is a regular source for the hottest new products on the market.  Does this mean that the Complex is the next big thing?  We already thought it was and I hope that many of you would vouch as well.  They have only done small testing but look for a more thorough, unbiased write up in the coming weeks.  Guess what else, we also got the Broadway Bomb on there!  This means that NYC longboarding is on the map!

Bring your Bustins, there’s a good reason for it…see you out there tomorrow.


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Lynn October 10, 2008 at 11:21 pm


i want to know if you’re having another thanksgiving sale!??!!!?!?!?


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